Petersfield DAB Portable Radio

Majority Petersfield DAB Portable Radio Review

Summary: Mixing quality with affordability, the Petersfield is a good budget pocket DAB radio. Buy it online: If you’re looking for a small, portable DAB radio you can fit in your pocket, the Petersfield DAB Radio could be a good choice. It’s one of the…

Best iPhone Clock Radio Docking Stations for Less Than £50

Best iPhone Clock Radio Docking Stations for Less Than £50

An iPhone docking station with a clock radio will not only de-clutter your bedside table, it will also make your life easier by providing useful several functions in one device. Docking station radios let you charge your iPhone, listen to the radio, and set alarms….

Pros and cons of DAB radio

Pros and Cons of DAB Radio

While it has plenty of enthusiasts, DAB radio also has its fair share of critics. Many people say that DAB reception and sound quality is inferior to that of FM, though this does vary greatly depending on where you live. Let’s look at the pros…

5 best portable DAB radios under £50

5 Best Portable DAB Radios Under £50

The cost of DAB radios keeps coming down, and nowadays you can get a lot of great digital radios for less than £50. The portable radios reviewed here are great for using around the home, as you can easily carry them around and listen to…

Best High End DAB Radios

Best High-End DAB Radios

DAB radios range a great deal in price, from under £30 to over £300. While a cheap digital radio might be enough for some people, you have to spend more to get the best sound quality, construction and features. Here’s an overview of some of…

Should You Get a DAB Car Radio Adapter

Should You Get a DAB Car Radio Adapter?

If you’re looking to get DAB radio in your car, you should consider buying a digital car radio adapter. This could make listening to digital radio as simple as plugging in a small piece of kit into your stereo. However, there are some things you…