Best DAB Radios with Bluetooth (UK 2017)

Many DAB radios have Bluetooth, which means you can wirelessly stream music or other audio from your smartphone, tablet or laptop through the radio’s speakers. This effectively turns the radio into a Bluetooth speaker.

Here are some of the best DAB radios with Bluetooth available in the UK in 2017. We’ve arranged them into different categories to help you find the kind of radio you’re looking for.

Portable DAB Radios with Bluetooth

AZATOM Multiplex D1

The AZATOM Multiplex D1 is a feature-packed portable FM/DAB/DAB+ radio that offers a great range of features for the price.

The radio has stereo speakers and uses Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless audio streaming. It also has a handy USB charging point to recharge your phone, MP3 player or other device.

The Multiplex D1 has an internal rechargeable battery which charges when the radio is plugged in and can provide up to 10 hours of use on a full charge.

While AZATOM may not be the best-known brand in the radio industry, the Multiplex D1 is one of the best value portable DAB radios with Bluetooth. Read our full review here.

Buy online: £58.95 on


John Lewis Spectrum Duo

John Lewis Spectrum Duo

The John Lewis Spectrum Duo is a portable FM/DAB radio with two speakers, NFC and Bluetooth. It comes in a choice of colours: Black, Slate, Teal, Berry Red and White.

You can use NFC to create a wireless connection just by tapping your smartphone against the radio, and using Bluetooth is quick and simple.

The Spectrum Duo has decent sound quality and can be powered by the mains or 4 C-sized batteries, though as with most portable DAB radios, it eats through batteries quite quickly.

If you’re looking for an affordable and colourful DAB radio with Bluetooth for the kitchen or carrying around the house, the Spectrum Duo is a good choice.

Buy online: See on


Roberts Radio ECO4BT

The Roberts ECO4BT is a compact portable radio with very good sound quality for its size. The ECO4BT lets you listen to FM or DAB radio, and you can also stream music via Bluetooth.

The ECO4BT is roughly 30cm wide and weighs about 1kg, making it small and light enough to carry around without difficulty. The radio can be powered by the mains or with 6 D-sized batteries.  Roberts say the battery life can be as much as 150 hours, though in practice this is likely to be lower.

Unlike most portable radios the Roberts ECO4BT has a warm sound with a good amount of bass, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a small DAB radio and don’t want to compromise on sound quality. Read our full review of the Roberts ECO4BT here.

Buy online: £89.99 on


DAB Clock Radios with Bluetooth

August MB400

The August MB400 is a cheap DAB clock radio with Bluetooth. As well as listening to music on FM/DAB radio or streaming it from a Bluetooth-compatible device, you can also play MP3s from a USB drive, MP3 player or SD card using the USB and SD ports provided.

The MB400 can be plugged into the mains or powered by 4 C-sized batteries and used as a portable radio.

If you’re using the MB400 as an alarm clock, you can set two independent alarms and set them to use either an alarm sound or the radio.

While this radio doesn’t have amazing sound quality, it offers a good combination of features for the price, and has a nice, stylish design. Read our full review of the MB400 here.

Buy online: £40.00 on


AZATOM Horizon DAB Radio

The AZATOM Horizon is an inexpensive DAB clock radio with a sleep timer, a dimmable screen and a dual alarm clock with a snooze function. The radio uses Bluetooth 4.0 to let you stream audio from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device through its speakers.

The radio can be plugged into the mains or powered by AAA batteries. It has a small footprint and should fit easily on your bedside table.

Some of the Horizon’s functions can be fiddly to use, but overall it performs very well for the price. Read our full review of the AZATOM Horizon here.

Buy online: £34.95 on


Retro DAB Radios with Bluetooth

Goodmans GSR1889DABBTW Heritage Retro Radio

The Goodmans GSR1889DABBTW is a very attractive 1950s-style retro FM/DAB/DAB+ radio with Bluetooth. It has a curved wooden casing with rotary volume and tuning dials and a small LCD display. At 38.5 cm wide the radio is relatively large, and it feels like a sturdy, well build product.

The radio is mains-only, and doesn’t have many additional features besides the radio and Bluetooth. There’s no alarm function or USB charging, but it’s a nice-looking retro radio if you’re happy with the features it offers. Read our full review of the Goodmans GSR1889DAB Heritage Radio here.

Buy online: £69.99 on


VQ Hepburn Mk II

The VQ Hepburn Mk II is an FM/DAB/DAB+ radio with Bluetooth that comes in a huge range of colours and Emma Bridgewater patterned designs.

The Hepburn Mk II has plenty of features including the ability to save 30 presets, an aux-in port and a USB port for charging a phone or other device.

The radio can be plugged into the mains or powered with an optional battery pack (which isn’t included).

To summarise, the VQ Hepburn is a very stylish retro DAB radio with lots of useful features. Read our full review of the VQ Hepburn Mk II here.

Buy online: £129.95 on


VQ Retro Mini DAB Radio

Like the VQ Hepburn Mk II, the VQ Retro Mini is an attractive retro radio that is available in a large choice of designs and colours. The radio offers FM/DAB/DAB+ radio as well as Bluetooth and an alarm clock.

The Retro Mini’s vertical design means it has a small footprint, and would fit easily on a kitchen countertop.

Additional features include a USB charging point, an aux-in port and an adjustable EQ. You can power the radio using the mains or 4 AA batteries, though the batteries don’t last very long on DAB radio.

Like the VQ Hepburn Mk II, the Retro Mini is one of the smartest looking and best performing retro DAB radios with Bluetooth currently on the market. Read our full review of the Retro Mini here.

Buy online: £63.44 on


DAB CD Players with Bluetooth

Majority Oakington DAB Radio

Made by budget digital radio brand Majority, the Oakington is an inexpensive FM/DAB/DAB+ radio with a CD player and Bluetooth.

The CD player can play both regular CDs as well as CD-RWs containing MP3 files. The radio has two USB charging points so you can charge your phone(s) while streaming audio through the radio’s stereo speakers at the same time via Bluetooth.

The Oakington DAB radio offers an excellent list of features for the price, though it may not have the same build quality as more expensive alternatives from brands like Roberts and Pure. Read our full review of the Oakington DAB Radio here.

Buy online:  £119.95 on


Pure Evoke C-D4

The Pure Evoke C-D4 is a versatile FM/DAB/DAB+ radio with a CD player and Bluetooth that comes in an attractive wood effect finish.

Some of the Evoke C-D4’s additional features include a handy remote control and an alarm clock with a sleep timer. The radio has a compact design but delivers plenty of volume with its 10W speaker.

As with all Pure radios, you can buy the Evoke C-D4 with a 3-year warranty giving you peace of mind. The Evoke C-D4 is relatively expensive, but offers a great range of features and has the excellent build quality you’d expect from Pure. Read our full review of the Evoke C-D4 here.

Buy online: £229.00 on


Best-Sounding DAB Radios with Bluetooth

Revo SuperSignal Table Radio

The Revo SuperSignal Table Radio is a serious-looking FM/DAB/DAB+ radio that offers similarly serious performance. The radio has Bluetooth with aptX technology as well as an alarm clock and a sleep function.

The SuperSignal has an innovative joystick for controlling the user interface, which makes it a bit easier to use than many other radios.

This radio offers excellent sound quality, and is a good choice if you’re a real audiophile who wants to appreciate the full detail of what you’re listening to.

Buy online: £199.95 on


Ruark Audio R1 MkIII with Bluetooth

Ruark make some of the best-sounding DAB radios on the market, and the R1 MkIII offers amazing sound quality for a radio of its size. The radio sounds crisp and clear with a good amount of bass, and looks fantastic too.

The radio has an easy-to-read OLED display and a dual alarm feature that lets you set two independent alarms.

The Ruark R1 MkIII is expensive, but you’d be hard pressed to get better sound quality for the price. Read our full review of the Ruark R1 MkIII here.

Buy online: £219.00 on


Pocket DAB Radios with Bluetooth

Unfortunately there are very few pocket DAB radios with Bluetooth on the market in the UK. The only radio we could find was the Imperial DABMAN 1, which is a pocket DAB/DAB+ radio with a Bluetooth transmitter. This means you could use it transmit the radio to some Bluetooth speakers, but it can’t be used to receive audio from another device.



We hope you found a radio that meets your needs in this list. If we had to pick one to recommend to most people it would be the Majority Oakington as it offers a great range of features for the price, and looks classy too.


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