Best iPod Clock Radios (UK 2017)

With an iPod clock radio you can wake up to music from your iPod rather than having to rely on a boring alarm sound. These radios feature a docking station that will charge your iPod and also play music from it.

Before buying an iPod clock radio, it’s important to check that your iPod will be compatible with it. Most of the radios reviewed here use the Lightning connector system, which means they should be compatible with the iPod Nano (7th generation) and the iPod Touch (5th and 6th generations). Some radios such as the Pure Contour D1 are compatible with both new and old iPod connectors.

To help you choose the right iPod clock radio for you, here’s a roundup of some of the top models you can get in the UK in 2017.

Product name


Connector type


AZATOM Home Hub Lightning DockFMLightning (8 pin) £49.95 on
Roberts Blutune 65 Sound SystemFM/DAB/DAB+Lightning (8 pin) £148.95 on
Roberts DreamDock2 Clock RadioFM/DAB/DAB+Lightning (8 pin) Out of stock on


Pure Contour D1FM/DAB/DAB+Lightning (8 pin) and 30 pinSee on
Neptune Speaker Docking StationFMLightning (8 pin) £39.95 on
Mercury Speaker Docking StationFMLightning (8 pin) Out of stock on

AZATOM Home Hub Lightning Dock

The AZATOM Home Hub is one of the most popular iPod clock radios in the UK. The Home Hub has lots of different features including an FM radio, Bluetooth, a remote control, an adjustable EQ and a dual alarm clock with snooze and sleep timers.

The Home Hub’s Lightning dock is compatible with most newer Apple phones and iPods including the iPhone 5, 6 and 7. It can charge your iPod while you’re listening to music from it, and you can also choose to wake up to music from your iPod rather than a regular alarm sound.

One of the AZATOM Home Hub’s shortcomings is that it doesn’t have DAB radio, only FM. This means it doesn’t have as many radio stations to choose from when compared to the DAB iPod clock radios below.

Read our full review of the AZATOM Home Hub here or see other reviews on Amazon.


Roberts Blutune 65 Sound System

The Roberts Blutune 65 Sound System is one of the best radios with an iPod docking station when it comes to sound quality. It’s also very sturdy and well made, which is why it’s ranked so high our list of iPod clock radios.

This device is much more than a clock radio—it has a vast array of features including Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music from your phone or other device, a remote control and aux and USB inputs.

The Blutune 65 functions very well as an alarm clock. You can set two separate alarms and choose to wake up to your iPod, FM or DAB/DAB+ radio, or a regular alarm buzzer sound. There are also three display brightness settings so you can dim the display to prevent it from keeping you awake at night.

Read our full review of the Roberts Blutune 65 Sound System here or see other reviews on Amazon.


Roberts DreamDock2 Clock Radio

The Roberts DreamDock2 is a high-quality clock radio with an iPod/iPhone docking station. The DreamDock2 is compatible with Apple products that use the 25-pin Lightning connector.

The DreamDock2 has an attractive curved design and features FM and DAB/DAB+ radio with the ability to save 20 preset stations. The dock has two speakers giving stereo sound, and you can adjust the EQ and bass level to get the right sound.

While the DreamDock2 has better build quality than most docking station radios, the sound quality isn’t quite as good as you’d expect from Roberts. Nevertheless, this is one of the most popular and highly rated iPod clock radios in the UK.

Read our full review of the DreamDock2 here, or see other reviews on Amazon.


Pure Contour D1

Pure Contour D1

The Pure Contour D1 is a high-end iPod clock radio with FM/DAB/DAB+ radio and a docking station that is compatible with both 30-pin and Lightning Apple products.

Some of the Contour’s other features include Bluetooth and a dual alarm clock with sleep and snooze timers.

You can use the Contour with the Pure Connect app, which lets you stream thousands of internet radio stations through the Pure Contour via Bluetooth.

The best thing about this iPod dock is that it’s compatible with both the new and old styles of iPod connectors, so even if you have an old iPod it should be compatible.

Read reviews of the Pure Contour D1 on here.


Neptune Speaker Docking Station

The Majority Neptune Speaker Docking Station offers great value for money. It uses a Lightning dock which is compatible with newer iPhones and iPods including the iPod Touch 5th and 6th Gen as well as the iPod Nano 7th Gen. You can also use the USB port to charge other devices.

The Neptune has a 20 watt speaker which offers a decent amount of volume and has good sound quality for such an inexpensive docking station.

You can control the Neptune Speaker via a remote control and it also has Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming audio.

To summarise, the Majority Neptune is one of the best cheap iPod/iPhone docking stations you can get in 2017. See reviews of the Neptune on Amazon here.


Mercury Speaker Docking Station

The Mercury is another budget docking station from Majority.

It’s a small (about 19 x 7 cm) docking station with an 8 watt speaker that has clear sound but limited volume. The Mercury uses a Lightning dock, which means it’s compatible with newer iPods including the 5th and 6th Gen iPod Touch and the iPod Nano 7th Gen.

The Mercury offers dual alarms with a snooze function, and you can choose to wake up to music from your iPod, the FM radio or a regular alarm buzzer sound. The LCD screen can be dimmed to prevent it from disturbing you at night.

Read reviews of the Mercury Speaker Docking Station on Amazon here.

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