Which Radio Stations Can the Amazon Echo Play? (UK 2019)

The Amazon Echo is one of the hottest tech products in the UK right now.

The Echo is a voice-controlled smart speaker that uses Amazon’s virtual personal assistant service Alexa.

Alexa has thousands of ‘skills’, which allow it to perform different functions such as telling you the latest news and weather, controlling the lights in your home and playing radio stations.

The Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show connect to third-party services such as TuneIn and Radioplayer to allow you to listen to the radio.

TuneIn lets you listen to thousands of radio stations from across the globe, including almost every national, regional and local radio station in the UK (see the full list of UK stations available here).

Radioplayer is a non-profit organisation with the goal of offering a simple way to listen to UK radio stations online. It gives you access to more than 400 stations from the UK (see the full list here).

There are lots of other services available through Alexa that let you listen to the radio, though TuneIn and Radioplayer offer a huge amount of choice.

Which radio stations can the Amazon Echo play?

The Amazon Echo can play more than 400 UK stations and over 10,000 stations from around the world. Here are just a few of the most popular UK radio stations the Amazon Echo can play:

  • Absolute Radio
  • BBC 6 Music
  • BBC Radio 1
  • BBC Radio 2
  • BBC Radio 3
  • BBC Radio 4
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra
  • BBC Radio 5 live
  • Capital London
  • Classic FM
  • Kiss
  • Magic
  • Magic Network
  • talkSPORT

This is by no means an exhaustive list—Alexa can play thousands of stations, so it wouldn’t make sense to list them all here.

As well as these big national stations, you’ll also be able to listen to local radio stations, provided they also broadcast online.

Can all you listen to the radio on all Echo products?

Yes, Echo products all have a speaker and Alexa, which allows them to stream and play radio stations via the internet.

They can all play the same radio stations as they all use the same services (TuneIn, Radioplayer etc.) to access stations.

If you’re interested in using the Echo as a radio, read this article:

13 thoughts on “Which Radio Stations Can the Amazon Echo Play? (UK 2019)”

    1. Hi John. Echo plays radio via the internet. It can play the same stations as a DAB radio would, but it streams them via the internet rather than using a DAB receiver.

  1. William Sanderson

    Hi, do you have to have a paid subscription for Tunein Radio in the U.K. on the Echo Dot 3rd Gen. or is it free?

  2. Hi there all
    I have bought my hubby an amazon echo for Xmas but it won’t play talk sport. I have tried all sorts, instructing it differently, using wavelength etc but it just doesn’t recognise it. Does anybody know what might be the problem please as it is very frustrating,
    Thank you

    1. I know you can play clyde oNe at a certain time and it gives you al the news about sport hope that help!!


  3. A few days ago my Echo stopped finding Radio Caroline. It states ‘.. there seems to be a problem…’ I can find the station using TuneIn. I’m just wondering why it used to work and now it does not…



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