Best Country Radio Stations In America

11 Best Country Radio Stations In America

Thanks to various streaming platforms like iHeart, Spotify, Apple Music, and Radio FM, listeners from around the world can tune into thousands of American radio stations that play country music. Here are the best country radio stations in America.

1. WCOL Music (Ohio)

WCOL Music (Ohio)

Centered in downtown Columbus, WCOL Music has been providing top-tier country music to its fans since 1948- a whopping 74-year reign of the best song selection the state has to offer! It draws in crowds both near and far with its numerous contests and ticket sales, as well as its many popular podcasts, such as One More Bite, hosted by Columbus native and self-proclaimed foodie, Kayla Hanley.

This station is renowned for taking fan requests, so don’t feel too shy sending in your picks via text or call-in!

Website: 92.3 WCOL

FM Frequency: 92.3 MHz

2. Big (Illinois)

Big (Illinois)

If you tune into this radio station, you may still hear the slogan “Chicago’s New Country” greet you at the top of every hour. The number one country music station in the state of Illinois, Big serves listeners with a variety of music to meet a variety of tastes.

While it is still largely a country station, as of January 2020, the format of “Big” was overhauled. Genres of every kind, from house tracks to heavy metal, have crept onto the airwaves.

However, that does not deteriorate the staff’s dedication to providing a steady stream of country music for diehard fans. Perhaps the 2020 switch-up was in ode to its checkered past as a music station that also aired smooth jazz in the 80s, and subsequently then catered to a Spanish audience in the early 2000s before becoming a hit country station as of 2015!

Website: BIG 95.5

FM Frequency: 95.5 MHz

3. Milwaukee’s Country (Wisconsin)

Milwaukee’s Country (Wisconsin)

Heading north out of Chicago, we move toward the state known for its cheeses and harsh winters. Wisconsin is beautiful, and during the colder months, there is nothing better than curling up inside while you jam out to your favorite tunes.

Thankfully, Milwaukee’s Country has you covered. You can bundle up on your sofa while some of your favorite tunes play, and what’s more? This station goes bonkers for contests!

From cash-prize giveaways to concert tickets to state fair package auctions, they have got a lot to offer their dedicated audience. With talk shows hosted by beloved radio stars Billy Greenwood and Quinn, listeners will be drawn in by their friendly chatter and soothing voices.

Not to mention, the music selection is insane! From Eli Young Band to Ingrid Agness, there is never a lack of diversity. Be it traditional country or today’s country-pop fusion, Milwaukee Country caters to all.

Website: FM106.1

FM Frequency: 106.1 MHz

4. K102 (Minnesota)

K102 (Minnesota)

Founded in the heart of Minneapolis is a radio station that goes by the name “K102,” and is known to provide you with all of today’s country’s latest hits. It is also ranked number one in the state of Minnesota for offering to its listeners the widest variety of country music around. There is just no arguing that, as a station, it goes above and beyond with its attempts at appealing to the broadest audience possible.

If you tune in now, K102 is offering some great promotional deals, as well as hosting a contest to win Cody Johnson tickets! What do you have to lose?

Website: K102

FM Frequency: 102.1 MHz

5. WGAR (Ohio)

WGAR (Ohio)

The Buckeye State has a lot to offer its country music fanatics, and leave it to another one of the three C’s to provide premier country to northern Ohioans! Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, WGAR is as vital to the northeastern country scene as WCOL is to the midlands.

If you are looking for some easy listening on your morning commute to or from work, check out the Wayne D Show! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too, to stay up-to-date.

Website: 99.5 WGAR

FM Frequency: 99.5 MHz

6. The Bull (Missouri)

The Bull (Missouri)

Saint Louis is known for many things: the Gateway Arch, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, The Blues hockey team, and 93.7 The Bull. That’s right, ‘The Bull’ is easily one of the most streamed radio country radio stations in the United States. While it is based out of Atlanta, Missouri has its very own extension of the station that caters to fans across state lines.

The iconic Billy Greenwood Show is a must-listen for any The Bull fan. You can find many of its recorded episodes right on iHeart. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that they air many local contests that residents of Saint Louis can get behind, such as winning 50 USD in Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, or receiving passes to Holiday World!

Start listening for the great selection of country music, but stay and reap rewards!

Website: 93.7 The Bull

FM Frequency: 93.7 MHz

7. B-93 (Michigan)

B-93 (Michigan)

Up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 93.7 FM goes by another name and that is “B-93.” Since 1992, this station has been DJing country music to its pantheon of listeners in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo area.

Keeping up with the trends is something B-93 prides itself on, and proudly sports the label of being Michigan’s “number one” in ‘NEW Country.’ That means you will be treated to all of the latest releases from 2022’s fan-favorite country music artists!

Website: B-93 – Grand Rapids

FM Frequency: 93.7 MHz

8. WLLR-FM (Iowa)

WLLR-FM (Iowa)

When you envision Iowa, what comes to mind? Is it the infamous Amish country? The corn? Maybe you’ve been to Des Moines and have pictures of its gorgeous state buildings flashing through your mind’s eye? For me, when I think of Iowa, I think of WLLR-FM, located in Davenport.

Davenport is a city that sits on the Mississippi River and is famous for its Figges Museum, where works of art dating back to the 15th century are housed. However, one of its best-kept secrets is WLLR-FM, “Today’s Country,” because this radio station is top-tier in terms of its playlists.

Perhaps you might even consider it one of the many hidden gems of the Midwest? Especially if you are a country music enthusiast.

Website: WLLR-FM

FM Frequency: 103.7 MHz

9. The Wolf (Missouri)

The Wolf (Missouri)

The Wolf is extremely popular out west in the United States and, according to an article by Cision, is one of the top country stations nationwide. Its Dallas branch brings in over a million listeners regularly, so it isn’t a wonder that satellites have cropped up across the country. The Wolf I am referring to here can be found in Springfield, Missouri, and is an extension of the channel.

But why are we surprised by its popularity? Just like The Bull, The Wolf has a lot going for it: fantastic talk-show hosts, a myriad of contests that include cash prizes and season passes sponsored by iHeart, and a selection of country songs that range from 90s classics by Clay Walker to today’s newest Miranda Lambert releases.

Website: 100.5 The Wolf
FM Frequency: 100.5 MHz

10. KQ94 (North Dakota)

KQ94 (North Dakota)

Traveling deeper into the Midwest, we have at last reached the Dakotas! Straight out of Bismarck is KQ94, and it broadcasts to people across the North Dakota metropolitan area. While it does have some competitors, such as Townsquare Media’s “US 103.3,” overall KQ94 does extremely well for itself.

It is probably thanks to its stellar talk-show hosts, such as Ginger G (who you can learn more about by following on social media platforms) and Jay Dylan!

Website: KQ 94.5 – Bismarck

FM Frequency: 94.5 MHz

11. MUS the Moose (Michigan)

A major reason MUS the Moose is featured as number 11 on this list is its enticing name. Who doesn’t love a station that’s founded on a sense of humor? I know I do! MUS the Moose, based in Muskegon, Michigan, lovingly throws a jab at its hometown and the local wildlife with this cheeky epithet, and we love them for that.

A country station through and through, the hosts at MUS the Moose truly embody the vibe of Midwestern country.

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities being a listener can afford you, either. Are you a Dwight Yoakum fan? Then this promotional deal is definitely for you. Do you love hockey? Enter for a chance to earn some tickets to see the West Michigan Whitecaps in action!

What’s better than concerts and sports? Some fantastic country music to go along with them while you enter to win!

Website: 107MUS

FM Frequency: 107.00 MHz

Top Country Radio Stations In America, Final Thoughts

That’s it for my list of the best country radio stations in America. As a Midwestern girl, I have catered my selections to fans like myself who happen to do a lot of traveling around the heartland of the United States.

While not every Midwestern state received a shoutout in this piece (sorry, Indiana, we love you) because my selections were sourced from iHeart, that does not mean they do not provide their residents with only the best of country music!

Many lists might hook you by the number of listeners each station receives annually, and while I did name-drop some of the most beloved nationwide, I thought it best to present to readers niche options and shine a light on many of the hardworking smaller stations that may go unnoticed with a quick Google search.

Hopefully, you get something out of my top picks. What are yours?

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