Does DAB Radio Work in Australia

Does DAB Radio Work in Australia?

If you intend to take your DAB radio to Australia, the good news is that it will work, but only if it’s one of the newer models that has a DAB+ tuner as well as DAB. Most DAB radios also have an FM tuner and…

Top Radio DJs and Presenters UK

Top Radio DJs & Presenters in the UK

The thing that really draws us into radio often isn’t the music played or the information broadcast, it’s the personalities and voices of the DJs and presenters behind the microphone. The UK’s airwaves have been blessed with hundreds of great radio presenters since the first…

Test Match Special Frequency

What Radio Frequency Is Test Match Special Broadcast On?

Test Match Special is a cricket radio programme that broadcasts in the UK. Originally it was dedicated to test matches, but it now covers all kinds of professional cricket. Test Match Special broadcasts on Radio 4 long wave, BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra and online….

Podcast microphone

Can You Get a Radio That Plays Podcasts?

Thousands of podcasts are recorded every day about a huge variety of topics. They’re easy to access on a smartphone or computer, but can you get a radio that will play podcasts? Listening to Podcasts on a DAB Radio Since regular DAB radios aren’t connected…

Using the Amazon Echo as a Radio

Using the Amazon Echo as a Radio

Amazon’s range of Echo smart speakers are some of the most popular tech products on the market. They all use Amazon’s voice-control system Alexa, which offers a huge range of functions and allows you to operate it with your voice rather than a remote control….

Which Radio Stations Can the Amazon Echo Play

Which Radio Stations Can the Amazon Echo Play? (UK 2019)

The Amazon Echo is one of the hottest tech products in the UK right now. The Echo is a voice-controlled smart speaker that uses Amazon’s virtual personal assistant service Alexa. Alexa has thousands of ‘skills’, which allow it to perform different functions such as telling…

Country Radio Stations in the UK

Country Radio Stations in the UK

Country music isn’t often played on mainstream radio stations, so finding a good specialist station is the best way to get your country music fix. We’ve collected together some of the best country radio stations you can listen to in the UK on DAB and…

Gospel Radio Stations in the UK

Gospel Radio Stations in the UK

There’s something so uplifting about gospel music, don’t you think? All of the amazing harmonies, the upbeat lyrics and the fact that you can dance away until your heart is content. Getting your fix of gospel music doesn’t have to be limited to the church…

Will Analogue Radio Be Switched Off in the UK

Will Analogue Radio be Switched Off in the UK?

Many people still have analogue radios, either at home or in their cars, so the prospect of not being able to use them can be somewhat alarming. If analogue radio is switched off, a lot of older home and car radios would become obsolete. DAB…

How to tune a DAB radio

How to Tune a DAB Radio

DAB radios usually don’t require much effort to tune into stations unless there is a fault with your radio. When you buy and switch on a DAB radio for the first time, it automatically scans for signals and stores details of each station it can…

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