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What Are the Most Popular Radio Stations in the UK

What Are the Most Popular Radio Stations in the UK?

As the longest-established radio provider in the UK, the BBC still dominates, with over 33 million listeners each week for its national stations, 7.5 million for local and regional, and 1.38 million for its world service. However, other providers are making inroads, principally Global Radio that has 23.2 million listeners across brands such as Heart, …

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Best Radio Apps

Best Radio Apps (UK)

Whether you’re driving to work with the same radio DJ every day or eating your breakfast with your favourite station playing, listening to the radio is a part of so many people’s mornings. To gain access to more stations from different locations, you can download a radio app which allows you to listen on the …

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Top 5 British Radio Manufacturers

Best British Radio Manufacturers

Radio has played a huge part in the lives of many British people, being one of the first forms of communication and providing many a household with important news announcements during the wars. Listening to the radio was a group activity, much like sitting to watch the television is today, so it’s no surprise that …

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Analogue vs. DAB Digital Radio

DAB vs. FM Radio

In this article we’ll explain the difference between DAB and FM radio, and look at the pros and cons of each broadcasting medium. FM and DAB are the two most popular radio broadcasting methods in the UK. Most of the country’s most popular stations, such as Radio 2 and Radio 4, are available on both …

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Does Radio 1 Have Adverts?

Does BBC Radio 1 Have Adverts?

Radio 1 is operated by the BBC, which means that it does not broadcast adverts, except for adverts for its own programmes and events. While commercial radio stations such as Heart are funded through advertising, the BBC is a public broadcaster funded by the licence fee, which television owners in the UK must pay annually …

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