Best Jamaican Radio Stations

10 Best Jamaican Radio Stations

Residents and tourists of Jamaica love some good Jamaican music. Most island residents may have their personal preferences of which Jamaica radio stations they prefer, but most tourists may find it challenging to find the best jamaica radio stations online or offline.

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Jamaica, it’s always a good idea to discover the best radio stations so you can listen to some of your favorite tunes while enjoying all the country has to offer.

Although the majority of Jamaicans are of African descent, there’s a significant population of European and Asian descendants and a small population of Middle Eastern descent; the music styles vary a great deal on the island country.

Since there is such a wide variety of backgrounds and musical tastes, gathering a listing of the best Jamaican radio stations may be pretty tricky to do. However, the following list should be a good representation of the diversity in the population and music in the country.

1. Mello FM

Mello FM

This radio station in Montego Bay boasts of playing “strong songs.” So if you’re looking for authentic, upbeat Jamaican music that will keep you entertained all day long, you want to tune in to one of the best Jamaican radio stations.

Mello FM plays some of the funkiest and most popular reggae music that will make you want to stay tuned in all day.

The station also has some of the most entertaining and dazzling DJs and radio personalities in Montego Bay which you will enjoy. The morning begins with DJ Ron Muschette and rolls into the afternoon with notorious Barry G, who interacts delightfully with his listeners.


FM Frequency: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5

2. Fame FM

Fame FM

Popularly known as the Blazin’ 95, Fame FM is one of the best Jamaica radio stations throughout the country. Owned by the Jamaica Radio Group (RJR), it provides a great deal of high-energy music for every musical taste.

DJs and radio personalities, which include Nikki Z, Collin Hines, and Arif Cooper, will entertain you with a wide variety of music, including reggae, dance hall, hip-hop, R&B, soul, and rock. So if you’re hosting a party or just want to enjoy some upbeat music, Fame FM, aka Blazin 95’, hits the spot.

The station plays oldies, but goodies on Wednesdays called “retroactive Wednesday.” Fame FM is also known to go outside the four walls and hold what’s known as road parties, where they show up at various locations throughout the island and put on a party that is a delight for everyone lucky enough to be in the area.

Sometimes the road parties are done around certain holidays, the weekend, or just a spontaneous party put on by the radio station.


FM Frequency: FM 95

3. RJR 94

RJR 94

Also owned by the Jamaica Radio Group, RJR 94 is considered one of the oldest and most respected Jamaica radio stations online and offline.

Known as the Granddaddy of Jamaica radio stations, many of the older residents of the country grew up listening to the radio station with some of the most iconic radio personalities in the country, including the station’s famous morning DJ personalities in the 80s and 90s Alan and Doraine, affectionately called “the husband and wife team of radio.”

Today, morning listeners still listen to Alan with his cohost Paula-Ann Porter. They appeal to the busy residents heading out in the morning for their daily routines. Throughout the weekday, you can listen to various talk shows on important or popular topics, news, special features, and of course, great music.


FM Frequency: FM 94

4. Zip 103

Zip 103

From the oldest to one of the newest Jamaica radio stations, Zip 103 is one of the new kids on the block. Although it’s been around for about 15 years, the radio station is considered new since it appeals more to the youth. It’s pretty much the opposite of RJR 94. Light on news, talk, and special features, Zip 103 is heavy on music.

It plays different music genres every 30 minutes and is well-known for its popular DJ personalities that appeal to the younger generations. You’ll hear a range of tunes from reggae, hip-hop, ballad, rock, and R&B soul. Although you’ll hear mostly newer tunes, the station dedicates a day to the oldies on Tuesday called Time Travel Tuesdays.


FM Frequency: 103 FM, 103.1, 103.3, 103.5, 103.7, 103.9

5. Love 101 FM

Love 101 FM

If you’re looking for a religious station in Jamaica, Love 101 FM is the place. This station is very popular among Christian listeners who enjoy listening to uplifting Gospel music throughout the day. The station is heavy on music but also provides plenty of important local and world news and religious news.

Love 101 is family-oriented. Interactive and enjoyable DJ personalities include Nadine Blair in the morning. The radio station is located in Kingston but is available throughout Jamaica.


FM Frequency: 101.1 FM

6. Kool 97 FM

Kool 97 FM

Are you looking for a variety of some of the best music around? Kool 97 has it. The name says it all. The station plays a wide range of music, including jazz to unwind you, R&B, and soul that will have you dancing and grooving, along with the latest reggae hits for your enjoyment. This radio station is also located in Kingston but is available throughout the island.


FM Frequency: 97.1

7. TBC Radio 88.5

TBC Radio 88.5

Another popular religious radio station in Jamaica that provides listeners with uplifting and encouraging Gospel music, TBC radio 88.5, plays continuous Christian music online throughout Kingston and the rest of the island country.

Unlike some radio stations, TBC (The Breath of Change) is a non-profit radio station that began in 1998. It is a ministry of the historic Tarrant Baptist Church, a local Kingston church that has existed in the area since 1892.TBC is very active in missionary work. It also offers engaging talk radio and religious news most of its listeners would be interested in.


FM Frequency: 88.5



Located in Mandeville, Jamaica, NCU offers something for everybody. The radio station broadcasts throughout the northwest portion of the country. It primarily caters to the Northern Caribbean University area.

The station has dramatically expanded throughout the island with numerous channels and even its own cable TV station. The station is one of the most diverse among Jamaica radio stations.

Throughout the day, you can tune in and hear contemporary and oldies but goodies music, inspirational music, and Gospel music, as well as staying informed regarding holistic health, education, regular news, sports, chats, and college news and information.

The leading DJ personalities are Glendon Baker, Kerryann Thomas, and Ricardo Campbel. They are very upbeat and keep their listeners engaged throughout the day. The station is also very interactive on social media, including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.


FM frequency: 91.3, 91.1



For those who may not be familiar with Jamaican lingo, IRIE means everything is alright. And everything is alright indeed with one of the best Jamaican radio stations. Irie was one of the first radio stations to stay on the air for 24 hours.

If you love reggae and dancehall music or are in the mood for some authentic Jamaican music, Irie FM is for you. It continuously plays some of the best and some of the most current reggae and dancehall music around.

Prominent DJ personalities such as Elise Kelly, DJ Sunshine, DJ Neil, and GT Taylor know what’s reggae hot, and they play it 24/7. So no matter if you’re up at dawn or partying late into the night, you’ll always find some reggae music to get you moving on IRIE FM.

If you’re a reggae fan, the tempo is fast, furious, and fabulous. As they say in Jamaica, yah man, you will feel like you just stepped into reggae heaven.


FM Frequency: 107.5 FM

10. SunCity


Another newbie in the radio scene in recent years, SunCity has quickly become one of the country’s best and most popular Jamaican radio stations. The radio station broadcasts from St. Andre, Kingston, and St. Catherine and reaches throughout Jamaica.

SunCity began as a religious station but now appeals to almost every type of radio listener. Not only does it play some of the favorite local sounds, including reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall, but it also plays some of the most popular international tunes as well.

One of the most popular Jamaica radio stations online, SunCity, also dedicates a day for retro or oldies but goodies music on Mondays called Rewind Mondays. It has various programs it’s known for, such as Sunite’s selection, Naughty Talk, Family Business, and SunCity Praise.

One reason the radio station has increased in popularity is the dynamic and full-of-energy DJ personalities such as Sunjock JJ Wizzle, Mama B, Sunjock Mario, and Sunjock Mamik, who not only keep the music flowing but keep their audience pumped up with high-energy music and exciting and informative interviews and special presentations.


FM Frequency: 14.9 FM

Top Jamaican Radio Stations, Final Thoughts

This is a pretty thorough list of the best Jamaica radio stations online and offline. Some others worth noting include KLAS FM, Music 99, Mega Jamz, Power 106, Hot 102, and Bess FM.

Most of these stations are similar to those listed. They play top reggae, dancehall, and other contemporary music with a dedicated time for retro music. So whatever your choice or style of music is, you’ll find it with this list!

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