Best DAB Radios with a Record Function

Best DAB Radios with a Record Function (UK 2019)

Several DAB radios come with a record function that lets you record live radio onto a USB flash drive or SD card. This lets you record your favourite programmes so you can enjoy them later, or make modern-day mix tapes by recording your favourite songs….

Best DAB Radios Under £50

Best DAB Radios Under £50 (UK 2019)

The cost of DAB radios has come down a lot in recent years. It used to be hard to find a DAB for less than £50, but these days there are dozens available. In fact, there’s almost too much choice, and it can be overwhelming….

Best DAB Radios for Poor Reception Areas

Best DAB Radios for Poor Reception Areas (UK 2019)

DAB radio in the UK is notorious for having unreliable reception. While some parts of the country have crystal-clear reception, in many areas digital radio reception is still weak. The good news is that some radios have better reception than others, and sometimes switching radio…

Best Alarm Clock Radio CD Players

Best Alarm Clock Radio CD Players (UK 2019)

Unfortunately, there aren’t many quality products on the market that offer radio, a CD player and an alarm clock. However, there are a handful of good alarm clock radio CD players out there, which we have reviewed below. Most of these products let you select…

Best DAB Radio Alarm Clocks

Best DAB Radio Alarm Clocks (UK 2019)

It’s much nicer to wake up to the radio than a high-pitched alarm, so it’s not surprising clock radios are so popular. If you’re buying a clock radio in 2019, it makes sense to get one with DAB/DAB+ radio, as it will give you a…

Best Radio CD Players

Best DAB & FM Radio CD Players (2019)

CDs may be on the way out, but many of us aren’t ready to replace our large CD collections with MP3 downloads and online streaming. The good news is that there are still lots of great all-in-one CD player radio combos out there to choose…

Best Wooden DAB Radios

Best Wooden DAB Radios (UK 2019)

Wooden radios tend to look much classier than plastic radios and have a warmer sound thanks to the wooden casing. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many of the most popular DAB radios in the UK have a wooden or wood-effect finish. In this article we’ll…

Best Clock Radios with an iPhone Dock (UK 2019)

An iPhone docking station with a clock radio will not only de-clutter your bedside table, it will also make your life easier by providing several useful functions in one device. iPhone dock clock radios let you charge your iPhone, listen to the radio, and set…


Best Solar Radios (UK 2019)

Solar radios have a variety of uses. You can use them while you’re camping, fishing, trekking, sunbathing on the beach, or gardening. Solar radios are also very useful when there’s a power cut or in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster. Many…

Best Portable Radios with Bluetooth (UK 2019)

There are lots of quality portable radios with Bluetooth on the market in 2019. What was once considered an advanced feature has now become mainstream and affordable. Bluetooth enables you to connect your phone or tablet to the radio and use it as a wireless…

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