Best Radio CD Players

Best DAB & FM Radio CD Players (UK 2018)

CDs may be on the way out, but many of us aren’t ready to replace our large CD collections with MP3 downloads and online streaming. The good news is that there are still lots of great CD player radio combos out there to choose from….

John Lewis Octave Internet Radio Review

John Lewis Octave Internet Radio Review

The John Lewis Octave is a stylish and elegant internet radio that also offers FM and DAB/DAB+ radio. The Octave is available in either a black ash or walnut finish, using real wood. The Octave is reasonably priced given its features, but how does it…

Best Wooden DAB Radios

Best Wooden DAB Radios (UK 2018)

Wooden radios tend to look much classier than plastic radios and have a warmer sound thanks to the wooden casing. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many of the most popular DAB radios in the UK have a wooden or wood-effect finish. In this article we’ll…

Best Floral DAB Radios

Best Floral DAB Radios (UK 2018)

Most DAB radios come in solid colours or with a wood-effect finish, but a few have more interesting designs. It can be hard to find a radio with a floral design, but there some good options out there. We’ve researched the market and picked out…

Degen DE13 Radio Review

Degen DE13 Crank Solar Radio Review

Summary: One of the best emergency radios on the market. Buy it online: The Degen DE13 is a portable AM/FM/SW radio that can be charged in a number of ways including winding its hand crank or leaving it in the sun to charge via its…

Best Portable Radios with Bluetooth (UK 2018)

There are lots of quality portable radios with Bluetooth on the market in 2018. What was once considered an advanced feature has now become mainstream and affordable. Bluetooth enables you to connect your phone or tablet to the radio and use it as a wireless…

August MB415 DAB Radio Review

August MB415 DAB Clock Radio Review

Summary: A decent radio somewhat let down by the fiddly button design. Buy it online: The August MB415 is a versatile and relatively cheap portable radio with Bluetooth and DAB. This radio is made by August International, a UK-based electronics company who manufacture a range…

iGadgitz Xtra Wind Up Radio Review

iGadgitz Xtra Wind Up Radio Review

Summary: Great value for money and ideal for camping. Buy it online: The iGadgitz Xtra Wind Up Radio is a small and inexpensive AM/FM radio that can be powered in three ways: Winding the hand crank, via USB cable or via the solar panel on…

Pure Move 2520 Personal Radio Review

Pure Move 2520 Personal Radio Review

Summary: A quality product that’s worth the higher price. Buy it online: The Pure Move 2520 is a stylish pocket DAB radio from established British digital radio brand Pure. This radio was released in 2016 as an update to the earlier Pure Move 2500, though…

Roberts SportsDAB6 Personal Radio Review

Roberts SportsDAB6 Personal Radio Review

Summary: Not recommended as the DAB reception can be poor when listening through headphones. Buy it online: The Roberts SportsDAB6 is the latest in Roberts’s range of SportsDAB pocket radios. Unlike many pocket radios, it features a built-in speaker and extendable aerial so you don’t…

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