AZATOM Home Hub Lightning Dock Review

AZATOM Home Hub Lightning Dock Review

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The AZATOM Home Hub is a Lightning dock with a built-in FM radio as well as useful features such as an alarm clock and Bluetooth. It’s designed to be a versatile piece of kit that can be used around the home, hence the name Home Hub.

AZATOM say they used the same audio technology they put in their more expensive speakers in the Home Hub, giving it better sound quality than you’d expect from a lightning dock. Let’s see what it can do and find out whether or not it delivers.


  • Lightning Connector which is compatible with all Apple devices that use the Lightning Connector. This includes all versions of the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 as well as the iPad Mini.
  • Bluetooth with a range of 10 metres so you can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet
  • Clock that automatically sets the correct time and date
  • Adjustable EQ
  • FM radio with 20 preset stations
  • Alarm with a choice of sounds: buzzer or FM radio
  • Remote control
  • 30 Watt speaker
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack

Dimensions: 19.8 cm wide x 19.8 cm deep x 8.9 cm high
Compatibility: This lightning dock is compatible with all Apple devices that use the Lightning connector. See which devices use the Lightning connector here.


  • Looks stylish and expensive
  • Excellent sound quality with a good balance between bass, mid and treble, and plenty of volume
  • Feels durable with a reassuring weight
  • Has lots of useful features and extras such as a remote control
  • Can be used with non-Apple devices via Bluetooth
  • Quick and easy to set up


  • Some alarm controls are complicated to set
  • Can lack clarity and sound muffled on speech radio stations
  • Buttons on the remote control are quite small
  • Doesn’t sync with an iPhone alarm


The AZATOM Home Hub is mid-priced (see price on Amazon). It’s more expensive than several other docking stations like the Polaroid Docking Station, but is cheaper than more high-end docking stations like the Bose SoundDock XT. Considering the range of features and its overall performance, the AZATOM Home Hub offers value for money, especially when you compare it to similarly-priced products from better-known brands.


The docking station is bigger than many of the alternatives, but it needs to be to accommodate an iPad. It has a modern design and doesn’t look cheap at all.


The alarm function is separate to the alarm on your iPhone, but is very versatile. You can choose to either use an alarm sound or the FM radio, and it starts quietly and then gets louder, giving you a less stressful start to the day. You can also set it to just go off on weekdays or weekends if you don’t want it to go off every day. The display also has a dimmable night and can be completely turned off, so it won’t keep you awake if you have it on a bedside table.

One downside when using this Lightning dock as an alarm clock is that using the buttons is quite fiddly, especially in the middle of the night.


For the price, the AZATOM Home Hub offers excellent value for money. It has impressive sound quality and an impressive list of features, so it’s not surprising it’s one of the most popular Lightning docks in the UK.

Similar products

If you’re looking for something cheaper, you should consider the Polaroid Docking Station which also comes with an FM radio and an alarm clock feature. A more expensive option is the Bose SoundDock XT, which doesn’t have an FM radio but does have the impressive sound quality Bose are known for.

You can also look at this roundup of the best iPhone docking stations with a radio.

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  1. Hi recently purchased the Azatom Home Hub. Its a fantastic piece of kit. Sound quality is excellent. Features such as an alarm clock,Bluetooth, radio, run it from a little handset are all features I wouldn’t expect to find with the Azatom Home Hub, but you do, and all at a very good price too. Very pleased can’t fault it.

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