What Frequency Is BBC Radio 5 Live Broadcast On?

What Frequency Is BBC Radio 5 Live Broadcast On?

BBC Radio 5 Live is the UK’s most popular sports radio station. It broadcasts on AM, DAB and online, but not on FM radio.

On AM, BBC Radio 5 Live broadcasts on the frequencies 693 and 909 kHz. If you’re listening on an AM/FM radio you’ll need to switch to the AM band as Radio 5 Live isn’t available on FM.

On DAB radio you should be able to find BBC Radio 5 Live just by scrolling through the stations listed in alphabetical order. If your DAB radio doesn’t find 5 Live, try retuning it.

Here’s an overview of how you can and can’t listen to BBC Radio 5 Live:

  • AM: 693 and 909 kHz
  • FM: Not available
  • DAB: 12B (225.648 MHz)
  • Online: Web stream here
  • Freeview: Channel 705
  • Freesat: Channel 705
  • Sky: Channel 0105
  • Virgin Media: Channel 905

5 thoughts on “What Frequency Is BBC Radio 5 Live Broadcast On?”

  1. I bought a d.a.b battery radio so I could listen to football on 5live radio so I scanned radio for stations found radio1,2,3,4,then it went to radio6 I can get every conceivable station apart from the one that I bought the radio for.what is going on

  2. In southern england radio solent 96.1 stereo 103.8 stereo relay bbc r5 live at night anywhere between 12 and 6 am so it has stereo feed at night up all night in stereo 1 to 5 am

  3. Radio five is a strong station on 693 Khz AM in Kampen here in The Nederlands.
    Will radio 5 remain on the frequency 693 Khz in the near future or it will also be switched off?

    Martin van Dijk – Kampen (o)
    The Netherlands

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