What Frequency Is BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

What Frequency Is BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra?

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is a digital-only station that broadcasts live sport. It was launched in 2002 as the sister station of BBC Radio 5 Live.

5 Live Sports Extra only broadcasts on digital radio and online, so you won’t find it on an AM/FM radio—it doesn’t have a frequency on AM or FM.

If you are trying to listen in a car that doesn’t have a digital radio you won’t be able to pick up BBC 5 Live Sports Extra. The easiest solution to this is to buy a DAB car radio adapter.

On DAB the station uses the frequency 12B (225.648 MHz), though you shouldn’t need this information to tune in.

You should find 5 Live Sports Extra when scrolling through the list of stations alphabetically. If you can’t find it on your DAB radio, try retuning or following these tips to improve your signal.

As well as DAB radio, you can also listen to BBC Radio 5 Live Extra online or on digital television. Here’s a summary of where you can and can’t listen to BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra:

  • AM radio: Not available
  • FM radio: Not available
  • DAB radio: Scroll through the stations list until you find 5 Live Sports Extra, or manually tune to 12B (225.648 MHz)
  • Sky: Channel 0144
  • Freeview: Channel 706
  • Freesat: Channel 706
  • Virgin Media: Channel 908
  • Virgin Media Ireland: Channel 928
  • Online/Mobile: Via the 5 Live Sports Extra website or a radio app

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra generally isn’t available outside the UK unless you listen online. However, you can listen in Ireland on Virgin Media TV.

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