What Frequency Is BBC Radio Scotland Broadcast On

What Frequency Is BBC Radio Scotland Broadcast On?

BBC Radio Scotland is the BBC’s national English-language radio station for Scotland. It broadcasts within Scotland on AM, FM and DAB radio as well as digital television. You can’t receive the station outside of Scotland unless you listen near the Scottish border, on digital television within the UK or online.

On FM, the frequency varies from 92 to 95 MHz depending on what part of Scotland you are listening in. The frequency 94.3 MHz should work well in Edinburgh and Glasgow. On AM, BBC Radio Scotland broadcasts at 810 kHz.

BBC Radio Scotland only broadcasts on DAB in the following areas: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Ayr and Tayside. Depending on where you listen to it, it uses one of the following DAB frequencies: 11B, 11C and 12D. However, you shouldn’t need to know the frequency to tune in on DAB as you should find the station just by scrolling through the list of available stations.

Here’s an overview of where you can and can’t listen to BBC Radio Scotland:

  • AM radio: 810 kHz
  • FM radio: 92-95 Mhz (94.3 in Edinburgh and Glasgow)
  • DAB radio: 11B, 11C or 12D
  • Freeview: Channel 719
  • Freesat: Channel 712
  • Sky: Channel 0116
  • Virgin Media: Channel 930
  • Online: Via the BBC Radio Scotland website or an app

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