Best DAB Radios Under £30 2024

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It used to be impossible to get a new DAB radio for less than £30, but today there are lots of good products on the market for between £20 and £30.

Most of these radios are from less established brands, but there are a few products from well-known brands such as Roberts in this price range too.

If you’re still using an analogue FM radio, you’re missing out on digital-only stations. The UK has the biggest digital radio network in the world, with over 280 digital stations in total (though most people can only pick up around 50 in their local area).

All of the radios reviewed below feature an FM tuner as well as DAB tuner, so you can still use FM if you have any issues with the signal on DAB.

The radios reviewed below are what we consider to be the best DAB radios available in the UK for under £30.

Please note, prices fluctuate so we can’t guarantee that you will be able to buy all of these radios for less than £30 when you read this article.


Best DAB Radios Under £30

1. Roberts Play M3

The Play M3 is one of the cheapest radios from Roberts, a prestigious British radio brand whose products are usually more expensive. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense portable DAB radio with just the most essential features.


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Mains or battery powered (4 x AA)
  • Headphone jack
  • Saves 6 preset stations

Dimensions: 14 cm wide x 9.5 cm high x 4.5 cm deep


  • Easy to carry around
  • Easy to use
  • Well-made and reliable


  • Relatively poor sound for a Roberts product
  • Not many features


The Play M3 is a good basic DAB radio that is very compact, light and portable. It’s one of the cheapest radios from a well-known brand, and has the reliability you’d expect from Roberts, even if the sound quality isn’t amazing. Read our full review of the Play M3 here.


2. Goodmans Canvas

This is another inexpensive radio from a well-known brand. The Goodmans Canvas is a sleek and stylish DAB radio that comes in a choice of either a steel or copper finish.


  • FM/DAB radio
  • Headphone jack
  • Mains or battery powered (4 x AA)

Dimensions: 18.5 cm wide x 11 cm high x 5.7 cm deep
Weight: 349 g


  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Smart-looking design
  • Feels well made


  • Display is small
  • Can be unreliable


This smart-looking radio would look good in a kitchen and is compact and light, making it easy to carry around the house. Despite being cheap, it feels well-made and sturdy.

While most people find that this radio works well, a few buyers have had issues with it stopping working properly after a few months of use. Read our full review of the Goodmans Canvas here.


3. Majority Barton II

The Barton II is one of several very affordable digital radios from British brand Majority. Unlike the Roberts and Goodmans products reviewed above, it has an alarm clock, so it could work well as a bedside radio. This radio is mains only, so it can’t be powered by batteries.


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Dual alarm clock with snooze function
  • Saves 20 preset stations (10 on FM and 10 on DAB/DAB+)
  • Headphone jack

Dimensions: 19 cm high x 12 cm wide x 12 cm deep


  • Small footprint thanks to vertical design
  • Easy to use
  • Good DAB reception
  • Nice design


  • Mains only (not portable)


If you want a basic DAB clock radio for a low price, the Barton II is a good choice. It has an attractive design and doesn’t take up much space. It’s important to note that this isn’t a portable radio, so it needs to kept plugged in. Read our full review of the Majority Barton II here.


4. AZATOM Sonance T1

The Sonance T1 is another good DAB radio from a budget brand. It features an alarm clock and has a large snooze button, so it could be a good choice if you’re looking for a clock radio.

This radio doesn’t have a particularly stylish design, but you get a choice of colour: black, red, green or purple.


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Dual alarm clock with large snooze button
  • 12 or 24-hour clock display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (can also be powered by the mains)
  • USB charging port
  • Headphone jack

Dimensions: 14 cm wide x 14 cm high x 4.4 cm deep
Weight: 360 g


  • Easy to use
  • Built-in battery
  • Useful USB port for charging a phone


  • Design isn’t particularly stylish
  • Display can be too bright at night


The Sonance T1 is one of the best clock radios in this price range.

It isn’t the most stylish radio on the market, but it has some useful features such as the USB charging port and the built-in rechargeable battery, which makes it easy to use the radio around the house without worrying about plugging it in or replacing AA batteries. Read our full review of the AZATOM Sonance T1 here.


5. LOGIK LHDR15 Portable DAB/FM Radio


The LOGIK LHDR15 is a portable FM/DAB clock radio that can be powered by the mains or batteries. It’s a compact and affordable radio that has a nice wood-style finish. LOGIK is Currys’ own brand of budget electronics products.


  • Saves 20 preset stations (10 on FM and 10 on DAB)
  • Dual alarm with snooze function
  • Sleep function
  • LCD display
  • Headphone jack

Dimensions: 19 cm wide x 12 cm high x 12.5 cm deep
Weight: 830 g


  • Good sound quality for the price
  • Attractive design
  • Small and compact


  • Saving preset stations can be fiddly
  • Display might be too bright at night if you use it as a clock radio


The LOGIK LHDR15 isn’t perfect, but it offers good overall performance for the price. The radio has a nice wood-effect finish and has decent sound quality. Read our full review of the LOGIK LHDR15 here.


Tips for Buying a DAB Radio Under £30

Here are some tips for getting a good digital radio for less than:

  1. Decide which features you need – Do you want an alarm clock? Do you want your radio to be portable? Once you have a list of the features you need, choosing a radio will be much easier.
    Bear in mind that advanced features such as Bluetooth are rarely available in models costing less than £30, so your list of requirements will need to be quite short unless you’re willing to increase your budget (see these recommended DAB radios under £50 if you’re willing to spend a bit more).
  2. Don’t worry about brand names – Brands such as Roberts may be better known than newer brands such as Majority, but the quality of their products in this price range isn’t necessarily higher.
    Often you can get more features for your money by opting for a less established brand, rather than paying a premium for a brand name.
  3. Look for discounted products – Sometimes radios with an RRP over £50 will be discounted to under £30.



If we had to pick just one DAB radio under £30 to recommend, it would be the Roberts Play M3. It’s a straightforward and reliable portable radio with the essential features most people are looking for. It’s light and easy to carry around, and feels well made for something in this price range.

For some more radios to consider, see our roundup of the best DAB radios on the market in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Best DAB Radios Under £30 2024”

  1. Another disadvantage of the KitSound Pixel Portable Mini DAB Radio and Alarm Clock is that the silver lettering on the buttons is very difficult to read even in good light.
    Also saving presets is inconsistent and difficult.

  2. I bought the Majority Chesterton to use in my campervan and it’s been a big disappointment. I wanted a radio that I could listen to at night, and I thought the sleep function would mean the not-great battery life wouldn’t be a problem.

    Unfortunately sleep only seems to stop the audio – the radio remains on and so is flat by the morning. The screen is too bright so I have to cover it. Plus the lowest volume level (which is stepped) is too loud (FM even more so) and stops me drifting off, so I have to muffle the speaker!

    The micro-USB socket is also a terrible idea – mine has broken because the socket is only fixed to the power PCB via the solder and a dab of glue; attaching USB chargers or battery packs (to stretch the battery life) has taken it’s toll.

    A shame, because channel reception on DAB and FM is good, the size is perfect and the *exterior* build quality is good.

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