Best Christian Radio Stations In The UK

5 Best Christian Radio Stations In The UK

Looking for a Christian radio station that’ll lift your mood and surround yourself with the message of God? Great; here are some top UK Christian radio stations that’ll do just that! If you find this article helpful be sure to share with friends and your church.

Adventist Radio London

Adventist Radio London

Founded in 2017 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Adventist Radio London started broadcasting live in 2018. Sunday Breakfast, hosted by Lynette Allcock and San Gungaloo, was the first live radio show. The radio is transmitted in digital sound broadcasting (Digital Audio Broadcasting). The method, developed in Europe, has a greater range than conventional AM and FM.

The first London Adventist Radio director Michael Hamilton emphasized that the station’s goal is to “share the everlasting gospel, entrusted to the Adventist Church, with London’s multicultural population, with an emphasis on millennials, empowering them to choose Christ.” The radio can also be heard from anywhere in the world through the internet.

The vision of the radio station is informed by the ministry of Jesus Christ’s preaching, teaching, and healing. It also seeks to support listeners’ journeys to wellbeing and holistic living and encourage them to discover and accept Christ as the only hope of humanity. It broadcasts Bible-based programs in prerecorded, live, music mix, and speech shows.

How to Listen

DAB: 223.936 MHz

Online: Website, App

Cross Rhythms City Radio

Cross Rhythms City Radio

Located in Teesside, North East England, Cross Rhythms City Radio broadcasts and offers faith broadcasts to listeners with different themes, such as News, Entertainment, Religion, or Variety.

This radio/web radio station is based in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the magic of the internet and new technologies you can listen to it live and online on the website, from all over the world. Whether you are quietly sitting at home on your sofa from your laptop, at your workplace with your tablet or even with your mobile phone (smartphone) on the bus to school, Cross Rhythms offer you a very varied choice of programs.

You can find Christian and contemporary content here. The predominant content musical content here are contemporary pop, dance, urban music, and rock. It’s a community radio that broadcasts to Staffordshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent through the 101.8FM frequency. The programs have Christian values and are also driven by local issues.

How to Listen

DAB: 101.8 MHz

FM: Locally 101.8FM Teesside

Online: Website

Hope FM

Hope FM

Also owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Hope FM is a Birmingham-based radio station that offers programs centered on Bible study, children affairs, health, music, sermons, prayers, and talks. The radio station is available live on DAB in many areas of the United Kingdom in high-quality stereos in multiple multiplexes. You can listen to Hope FM through your car radio or other high-quality stereo systems.

The radio station dedicates its programs to the preaching of the gospel, teaching of the Bible and all its truth. Hope FM has studios broadcasting live programs in Manchester, Birmingham, and Nottingham. The Christian radio station provides different shows and music that propagate Christianity – the teachings of God’s words.

Hope FM is accessible on the DAB digital radio, via the station’s website and through apps that can be downloaded on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

How to Listen

DAB: 90.1 MHz

FM: 90.1FM

Online: Website, Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Konnect Radio

Konnect Radio

If you want a mix between Christian and secular content, the Konnect Radio station offers the best of both worlds. One of the most recently floated radios in the UK, it’s a mixed-format Christian radio that aims to win people who would not ordinarily oblige to listening to a deeply themed Christian radio station for Christ. Konnect is also an online resource for those who have already discovered Christ and want to build a connection and strengthen their faith.

The radio is dedicated to offering positive, family-friendly, safe, contemporary content with tones of music, fun, and laughter. Konnect Radio brings contemporary Christian music to new and existing souls. Konnect also offers its audience timely community-focused news stories and faith-centered features. You can connect to the radio station in three ways: via its Konnect Radio App, through its website using your smartphone, desktop, or laptop, and through your smart speaker, if you have an Amazon Alexa. According to Konnect, it’s the only radio station playing Coldplay, Adele, and Avicii with Lauren Daigle, Crowder, and Rend.

How to Listen

Online: Website, Apple App Store, Google Play

Smart Speaker: Amazon Alexa

Premier Christian Radio

Premier Christian Radio

This British Christian radio station is part of the Premier Christian Media Trust arm owned by Premier Christianity. It broadcasts and offers listening to different themes, such as Christian radio and contemporary Christian music. You can listen live to the Premier Christian Radio through a webcast and their website.

It broadcasts programs such as news, teachings, Christian music, and debates across the UK. The radio station operates four frequencies through the medium wave, across six different transmitters in several locations including London.

In addition, Premier radio broadcasts live on DAB multiplex nationally, via website on Freebies, and also through their mobile app. The radio station’s supporters are from various Christian denominations, which include Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal, and Methodist churches.

In 2004, the Christian radio was ranked as the most upmarket station by The Times judging by the percentage of the station’s audience (81%). By 2010, nearly 11,000 people received the station’s signals and 143,000 people listened to the station for 12 hours on average.

How to Listen

DAB: Check

Freeview: 725

Medium Wave: 1305, 1332, 1413, 1566 (Greater London and Surrey)

Online: Live, Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Smart Speaker: Alexa Smart Speaker

Top Christian Radio Stations UK, Conclusion

90 percentage of the UK listens to the radio medium. And with over 33 million Christians in the UK, from England to Scotland, Wales and the Northern Ireland, a rough sketch shows there are several millions of British people who might be interested in Christian radio contents from the northwestern European kingdom. The listed 5 Christian radio stations are based and broadcast live or locally to the UK and globally. They can be accessed by using their app, smart speaker, website, local and DAB frequencies.

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