Best DAB Radio with Sleep Timer

4 Best DAB Radios with Sleep Timer

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Looking for a DAB radio that’ll also wake you up on time? Well you’re in luck, as we’ve gathered the best multi-function radios which will fit perfectly into your morning routine. Less clutter on your bedside table? Win!

Here’s our top DAB radios with sleep timers built in.

Best All-Round Choice: Shuman Retro Wood Digital Radio

Shuman Retro Wood Digital Radio

The Shuman Retro Wood digital radio comes equipped with a wireless connection, sleep timer, dual alarm clocks as well as a sleep timer. This nostalgic FM radio comes with CD/MP3 player makes you experience the best of the past. The radio’s traditionally attractive speaker cabinet and illuminated frequency band make it a nostalgic reference to classical radios of the past.

SHUMAN’s more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing has always ensured high-quality electronics with a high level of technology. The radio is handcrafted from real wood.

In the making of this model, Shuman combined a stylish and nostalgic look with modern technology. It has CD / MP3 players that can play any standard CD or MP3 format.  High-end audio chamber components give the music system a warm and clear sound.

With a Bluetooth player, it can function as a retro speaker to easily play music from your smartphone. Finally, the products are handmade vintage wooden frames inlaid with fabric and gold trim. The compact body contains many functions and is quick and easy to move.

However, there is no full bass in the sound, the high tones are not good, and there are lots of middle sounds.

Meanwhile, connecting Bluetooth is easy and turning a CD is also fine. You don’t need the remote control and that doesn’t belong to this radio. The FM radio reception is fine.


  • FM radio receiver
  • Includes a Bluetooth receiver, CD / MP3 player
  • Features a USB interface MP3
  • Dual alarm clocks and sleep timer
  • 3.5mm audio hardware interface

Dimensions and weight

  • 30 x 15 x 12 cm; 2.25 Kilograms


  • Excellent sound reproduction thanks to the built-in speaker
  • Vintage style design ideal for classic themed homes
  • Can stream from Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Beautiful retro wooden exterior
  • Radio is quite easy to use


  • There is no full bass in the sound
  • The high tones could be better


The Radio Shuman comes with an FM radio, two powerful stereo speakers and a large volume control knob. With the CD / MP3 player, USB playback and headphone jack, you can choose your desired playback mode. The sound system and beautiful look makes it a delight to both your ears and eyes.

It is a mix of classic and modern CD radio, as you can listen to CDs, iPod or MP3 music player, or Bluetooth. The sound is not a speaker from a pub nor do I want it because I don’t need to put the music to those levels. It has a very cool vintage touch as a decorative element.

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Best Budget Option: LEMEGA CR2+ Digital Radio

LEMEGA CR2+ Digital Radio

The LEMEGA CR2+ lets you enjoy all your favorite DAB / DAB + and FM radios in superior quality sound. It has an easy setup and quick auto scan to quickly search for your favorite stations. There are 20 preset stations to store or recall your favorite radio stations.

Let’s be honest, for the price we weren’t expecting anything exceptional. But this radio does the job in the bathroom in the morning. The sound quality is great and the few settings offered by the equalizer are really useful. For a one-off in an annexe room (bathroom, garage, laundry room, etc.) it is perfect.

The DAB programming went smoothly. For those who think you can’t turn it off, it’s just a LONG press on the main button. The radio has a handmade wooden frame finished in walnut, black oak, and white oak. It looks beautiful and fits perfectly in the home. Its snooze feature gives you extra minutes of sleep after the alarm goes off. You will also enjoy a 24-month warranty and 30-day return policy with 24/7 after-sales service. The package includes a DAB digital radio, a micro USB cable and an easy to follow user guide.


  • DAB, DAB+, and FM radio
  • Mains powered
  • There are 20 preset stations
  • Dual alarm clock
  • Features a sleep snooze timer
  • Available in walnut and white oak finish options

Dimensions and weight

20 x 5 x 5 centimeters; 1.12 kgs


  • Beautiful wood effect
  • Available in two wooden finish options
  • Has a higher sensitivity than standard radios
  • Wooden box is handmade
  • Crystal clear sound quality


  • Lacks the plug to insert it into the mains.


The radio itself is cute but lacks the plug to insert it into the outlet. You can listen to your favorite radio stations privately with connected earphones without disturbing others or being disturbed by others, with the adjustable telescopic antenna ensuring perfect reception.

However, most people are very pleased with the radio. It looks beautiful in the upstairs office. It has a very good sound quality and doesn’t take up to much room. Some of the reviews said it just came with a USB connection but others said it came with a mains adaptor.

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Best Premium Option: Revival RD70 Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity

Revival RD70 Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity

The Revival RD70 returns to the market in a revamped version: with a handcrafted vintage wood frame specifically designed to deliver the best sound.

The Revival model benefits from a stunning look and sound.  Thanks to the new Bluetooth, you can listen to music from your smartphone on the radio, which acts as a stylish speaker.  Among the new features, an intuitive color display allows you to easily navigate all the functions of the radio. 

In addition, the Revival RD70 offers two alarms and reminder timers for ringtone and sleep, so you can wake up to your favorite radio station. With a built-in DAB + / DAB / FM radio and convenient station presets (10 DAB memories and 10 FM memories), you can access your favorite stations at the touch of a button. 

With Bluetooth, you can use it as a speaker for Spotify, Deezer and all radio and music streaming solutions. Searching for a radio station is by name and not by frequency, so it’s very easy to change the station and find your favorites. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5mm stereo Headphone Jack
  • Auxiliary input jack for iPod / MP3 playback (3.5mm stereo)
  • Alarm function with 2 modes: buzzer or DAB / FM radio.  Shutdown timer
  • Color LCD and night mode
  • Can be operated on 220Volt – 50Hz mains or with 4 standard AA batteries

Dimensions and weight:

160 x 252 x 104 mm; 1.65 kg.


  • It’s a DAB, DAB+, FM, and Bluetooth radio
  • Beautiful LCD
  • Handcrafted radio
  • Retro-style design with good sound
  • It features a carrying handle


  • Batteries not included and not rechargeable


The ROBERTS Revival RD70 is a classic design version with Bluetooth, retro-chic and classic from the brand, with a nostalgic style of the 50s. It has an excellent sound quality thanks to its wood and leather structure. The novelty with ROBERTS RD70 is that the default settings are accessible via a dedicated key. There’s also an easy to read color display with an analogue clock. In addition, ROBERTS RD70 has a stereo line jack that allows you to play your iPod or MP3. With the full dual alarm function, ROBERTS RD70 is a very elegant alarm clock. 

You can choose to wake up to the DAB or FM radio or via a buzzer, powered by a battery. ROBERTS RD70 is also in portable size and light in weight. With digital terrestrial radio (DAB +), you will enjoy new radio stations, with digital audio quality and less interference. 

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Worthy Alternative: LEMEGA CR4


Among the models we have compared, this one by Lemega stands out for its squared design and compact dimensions as the height is less than 20 centimeters. It’s a feature that allows it to be placed in a very simple way. It combines the reception of FM frequencies with those of DAB Plus. Also thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, it is possible to make it communicate with smartphones and tablets to play music while streaming.

Among the details to report is the presence of a color display. This has a 2.4-inch diagonal which is useful for displaying information, radio names and time (since the device can also be used as an alarm clock). There are buttons, located in the upper part of the body, which facilitate navigation between the menus.

Aesthetically pleasing and made with good quality materials, the CR4 overall is appreciated, especially since it is sold at a price that seems adequate to us. Too bad that the sound performance is only discreet and that the instruction manual is rather deficient in some passages.


  • DAB, DAB Plus, and FM Digital Radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual Alarm Clock
  • Kitchen, Sleep, Snooze Timer
  • Obtainable in walnut and white oak finish
  • Corded electric radio

Dimensions and weight

30 x 17 x 16 cm; 1.19 kilograms


  • Has a functional sleep mode
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Good DAB reception
  • Discreet acoustics


  • Doesn’t have a carry handle


The LEMEGA CR4 is an upgrade to the CR2, albeit with a simple design. It goes well with the very small dimensions and with the choice of materials. The result is an aesthetically pleasing DAB + radio, even to be kept in plain sight. This is a radio with limited power, so don’t expect a high-level sound performance, especially when you turn up the volume.

The radio allows you to listen to FM radio, digital radio and take advantage of the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone to stream music. The color display has a diagonal of 2.4 inches and is more than adequate for displaying all the information you need.

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Top DAB Radio with Sleep Timer, Conclusion

Despite the rise of streaming, radio is far from dead. Free from the usual static electricity as well as the low number of stations, digital technology has brought these humble radios back to the 21st century. If you are considering the purchase of a device of this type, among the most interesting models there is the Shuman Retro Wood FM/DAB+ Digital Radio which allows you to tune into many digital and FM channels. Among other things, it is sold at a very affordable price. Alternatively, if you have a low budget, you can focus on the LEMEGA CR2, a portable model with a beautiful design.

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