Does DAB Radio Work in Ireland?

DAB radio was introduced in Ireland in 2006, though it has failed to gain the level of audience share and coverage of DAB radio in the UK. The majority of Irish listeners listen mainly on FM, and in some parts of the country DAB radio isn’t available at all.

There is one permanent DAB multiplex, which is operated by RTÉ, Ireland’s public broadcaster. The multiplex uses five transmitters, which are located in Three Rock (Dublin), Clermont Carn, Kippure, Spur Hill (Cork) and Woodcock Hill (Limerick).

According to RTÉ, DAB radio is available to 54% of the population and coverage includes Cork, Limerick and Greater Dublin. The following stations are available on DAB radio in Ireland:

  • RTÉ Radio 1
  • RTÉ Radio 1 Extra
  • RTÉ 2fm
  • RTÉ lyric fm
  • RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta
  • RTÉ Gold
  • RTÉ 2XM
  • RTÉ Junior
  • RTÉ Pulse

More stations used to be available from a second multiplex, Mux2, but this has now closed.


Can you get BBC radio on DAB in Ireland?

BBC DAB radio stations only broadcast within the UK, so you probably won’t be able to listen to BBC radio on DAB in Ireland unless you live near the Northern Irish border. You can often receive stations such as BBC Radio 4 on FM in the east and south east of Ireland.

The best way to listen to BBC stations in Ireland is via the internet, either through the BBC’s website, with a radio app or a standalone internet radio.

2 thoughts on “Does DAB Radio Work in Ireland?

  1. My experience of DAB ;
    I live about 5kM west of the Cork city (Togher) transmitter in an elevated area an can see the TX mast. Due to signals tightly beamed to the city I seem to be getting very little signal off the back of the beam. If DAB is transmitted from the main TX masts then I can foresee terrible problems as we had in the initial days of VHF TV especially in the valleys. Even with multi-element aerials on chimneys signals were terrible. What chance in a car with a short aerial a few feet above the ground ? DAB = Dead And Buried folks !

  2. Moin, ich bin gerade zu Gast in Irland und fahre von Dublin nach Derry und bewege mich hauptsächlich zwischen diesen beiden Städten. Der DAB + Empfang ist super und es sind eine Menge Sender verfügbar!

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