5 Gift Ideas for Radio Lovers

5 Gift Ideas for Radio Lovers

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Are you looking to buy a present for a radio fanatic? Here are 5 gift ideas for things they might love.

Amazon Echo

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The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker with built-in voice recognition and artificial intelligence. You can use it for a huge range of things, from checking the weather forecast to reminding you what’s on your schedule to listening to the radio.

The Echo is controlled by speaking commands to it using Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. For example, to play Radio 1 you would say, “Alexa, play Radio 1”.

The Amazon Echo is a really interesting gadget that could change the way you live your life. Read our full article on using the Amazon Echo as a radio here.

Petersfield DAB radio

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Do you know someone who listens to the radio all the time at home or at work? Do they also have a pocket radio to listen to when they’re out and about? If not, they might love the Petersfield DAB radio. It’s one of the most popular pocket FM/DAB radios of 2016 thanks to its low price and small size.

The Petersfield has a rechargeable internal battery that gives 9 to 12 hours of playback time. You can save a total of 20 preset stations for easy access. The radio has a built-in aerial and an earphone socket for attaching earphones or headphones.

Pama Plug ‘n’ Go 1220 Plug & Play Car Radio Adapter

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While more and more people have DAB radio at home, our cars are slower to catch up. It can be expensive and fiddly to replace your old FM car radio with a new DAB one. It’s much topmedonlinestore.com/ easier to use a plug & play adapter like this one from Pama.

It plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket so you don’t need to take the old radio out. This device is easy to install, though it might take a while to find a good spot for the aerial. One handy extra with the Pama Plug ‘n’ Go 1220 adapter is that it has a USB port for charging a mobile phone or other device.

Sonos Play

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The Sonos Play is a wireless speaker that you can control from an app on your phone or computer allowing you to listen to thousands of radio stations via TuneIn, or millions of songs on services like Spotify.

The Sonos Play has better sound quality than the Amazon Echo, but lacks the voice recognition feature. The app is very intuitive and has useful features like the ability to save favourite stations, songs and albums. If you have good WiFi at home, a device like the Sonos Play could replace a conventional radio if you don’t mind changing the way you listen to radio.

Philex 27741 Indoor DAB Aerial

Price: See prices on Amazon

DAB radio is growing in popularity in the UK, but reception is still poor in many areas. A good way to improve your DAB radio reception is to buy a better aerial and attach it to your radio. The Philex 27741 Indoor DAB Aerial is 1.5 metres long and is easy to install.

It won’t help if you currently get no DAB signal at all, but if you just have occasional squelches or the signal cuts out every now and then, it should give the signal a boost.

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