Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox Review

Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox Review

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Not recommended as it often stops working after just a few months.

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The Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox is a budget-priced portable CD player with an AM/FM radio. It’s available in a choice of colours: Black, Pink, Red, Blue and Purple.

In addition to the basic model with radio and a CD player, you can also buy the GVPS713RD Boombox with Bluetooth or a cassette player.

Given its features and price the Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox appears to offer great value for money, but is there a catch? Find out how this portable radio CD player performs in this review…


  • CD player that plays regular CDs and CD-RWs
  • Programmable CD player (up to 20 tracks)
  • Repeat function on CD player
  • AM/FM radio
  • 3.5 mm headphone socket
  • 3.5 mm aux-in port
  • 2 x 1.2W speakers
  • LED display
  • Can be used with mains power or 6 x C batteries
  • User manual (also available online here)
  • Telescopic aerial

Weight: 1.6 kg (boxed)
Dimensions: Roughly 25 cm wide x 12.5 cm deep x 15 cm high
Model number: GVPS713RD

Performance and use

Unfortunately, the Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox is quite an unreliable radio CD player. Many buyers have found that this product stopped working after only a few months.

While the GVPS713RD Boombox might work fine for a few weeks, there’s a good chance it will pack up within less than 3 months. Compared to other portable radio CD players, the GVPS713RD has very poor build quality and isn’t built to last.

On paper this radio has some decent features. The top-loading CD player can play regular CDs as well as CD-Rs and CD-RWs containing MP3 files, and you can program a playlist of up to 20 tracks. You can also use the aux-in socket to connect a smartphone, MP3 player or tablet and use the  Groov-e Boombox as a speaker.


  • Cheap
  • Colourful


  • Tinny sound
  • No DAB radio
  • Seems to be unreliable—lots of buyers have found that their radio stopped working after a few weeks or months


The Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox is cheap, both in terms of its price tag and its construction. If you are lucky you might get a unit that works well and is reliable, but judging by other reviews, it appears to be generally unreliable as many users have found that the CD player stopped working after a short period of time. To summarise, it’s worth spending an extra £10 to get a higher quality CD player/radio.

If you do decide to buy this radio, make sure you keep the box and receipt so you can return it if necessary.

Alternative CD player/radios

One portable CD player with a better construction quality is the Philips AZ105R/05. It has almost identical features to the Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox, minus AM radio.

Another popular alternative is the Duronic RCD008, which has good sound quality for a small CD player.

If you’d like a boombox with digital radio and a CD player, you should consider the Roberts Zoombox 3, which is very well made, especially when compared to the Groov-e GVPS713RD Boombox.

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