JVC RV-NB100B BoomBlaster Review

JVC RV-NB100B BoomBlaster Review

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If you’re looking for a powerful boombox with modern features, the JVC RV-NB100B BoomBlaster is one of the best out there.

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The JVC RV-NB100B BoomBlaster is an innovative and unique DAB boombox with a CD player, Bluetooth and a Lightning dock. This radio can even be used as an amplifier, as it has guitar and microphone inputs.

Made by Japanese brand JVC, the RV-NB100B isn’t a cheap product, but could be a good choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty and versatile boombox, and is well suited to street performances, dance and exercise groups and parties. Let’s see what it can do…


  • FM/DAB radio
  • CD player
  • Lightning dock compatible with the iPhone 5
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 superwoofers
  • Microphone and guitar inputs with distortion option and level controls
  • Remote control
  • USB drive for recording audio

Dimensions: 66.6 cm wide x 24.8 cm high x 23.5 cm deep
7 kg

Performance and use

While it might look like an old-school 1990s  boombox, the JVC RV-NB100B can do a lot more. You can play music from your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, dock your iPhone and listen to music from a CD or FM/DAB radio.

The JVC RV-NB100B BoomBlaster has two 8 cm speakers offering a total of 40 watts of power. It also has twin 13 cm superwoofers for added bass, and can be used as a guitar or microphone amplifier.

The BoomBlaster has a USB port which you can use for recording from the radio or a CD player onto a USB drive in MP3 format. When using the BoomBlaster as an amplifier, you can even record from a guitar and a microphone at the same time onto USB.

The JVC RV-NB100B goes very loud without distorting, making it great for outdoor performers, exercise classes and public events. It also has a good amount of bass and you can adjust the EQ yourself to get the perfect sound.


  • Lots of bass
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Amazing list of features
  • Powerful with plenty of volume


  • Big and heavy, and quite difficult to carry around
  • Can be slow to read CDs


The JVC RV-NB100B BoomBlaster is the real deal. If you’re looking for a powerful boombox with modern features, it’s one of the best out there. The BoomBlaster is especially good for exercise and dance classes, street performers and musicians.

Similar radios

JVC produce a cheaper alternative to the RV-NB100B with less advanced features, the RV-NB 75. The JVC RV-NB 75 is very similar to the RV-NB100B except that it only has FM radio (not DAB), and doesn’t come with a remote control.

An even cheaper alternative is the Sony ZS-RS70BTB Wireless DAB Boombox, which has Bluetooth, a USB port and an MP3 player as well as DAB radio. The Sony ZS-RS70BTB is smaller and lighter than the RV-NB100B BoomBlaster, and could be a good alternative if you don’t need something so powerful.

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