Can You Get a Personal MP3 Player with DAB Radio

Can You Get a Personal MP3 Player with DAB Radio?

It would be nice to have a single portable device that could satisfy all your listening needs without requiring you to access the internet. However, achieving that aim isn’t easy since finding an MP3 player that also has a DAB radio tuner is virtually impossible.

A quick search will reveal that some are apparently available, mainly on Amazon:

  • Majority Parkside-Go and Majority Parkside II, which are pocket DAB/DAB+ radios with the ability to store and play over 5,000 tracks via a micro SD card slot that takes up to a 32 GB capacity card (not included).
  • WalkRadio K1, which can be obtained from Amazon and has DAB and FM radio, plus MP3 playback through a non-included micro SD card.
  • Pure Pocket DAB 2000 with DAB and FM radio, and with MP3 playback also from an SD card (not included).
  • GMYLE PPM001, which also has MP3 playback via a micro SD card plus DAB/DAB+ and FM radio.

At the time of writing, the Pure Pocket DAB 2000 and GMYLE PPM001 are marked as unavailable with no indication of if they ever will be in stock again. Similarly, the Goodman Personal DAB and Cowon D2, which both featured DAB and MP3 playback, are discontinued.

The reason for the dearth of available devices is because smartphones have largely taken over. With their ability to play MP3 tracks from internal or added storage, the inclusion of FM radio tuners and access to internet radio, there’s little demand for a separate device. However, pocket DAB radios remain popular, though they usually don’t have an SD card reader for playing MP3s.

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