Pure Evoke D1 Review

Pure Evoke D1 Review

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The Pure Evoke D1 is an elegantly designed FM/DAB radio that would look great in the kitchen. It has several useful features including kitchen and sleep times as well as an alarm clock. This radio can be used with mains power or as a portable radio using the optional battery pack, which isn’t included by default.

The Pure D1 comes in a choice of either white or black. Let’s take a closer look…


  • FM/DAB digital radio
  • Save 20 preset stations (10 on FM and 10 on DAB)
  • Kitchen, sleep and snooze timers
  • Alarm with a choice of waking up to a buzzer sound or the radio
  • Optional ChargePAK internal battery (not included)
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Aux-in port

Dimensions: 18 cm high x 12 cm wide x 11.5 cm deep
Weight: 1.2 kg


  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Small footprint, making it great for places with limited space
  • Good sound quality
  • Clear and easy-to-read display
  • Stylish design—looks like a quality piece of furniture rather than just a radio
  • Nice clear tone without any distortion


  • The internal battery isn’t included and is quite expensive


The Pure Evoke D1 is one of the best-sounding small DAB radios available. It’s a great size and shape for the kitchen or bedside table, as its vertical design saves space.

It would be better if the radio came with the battery pack included or could take regular rechargeable batteries, as the bespoke ChargePAK battery pack is quite expensive.

Similar radios

The Pure Evoke D1 is practically identical to the Evoke D2, though the D2 has a wooden casing and costs more. You can also get the D2 with Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly stream music or other audio from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. For a full comparison of radios in Pure’s Evoke range, read this article.

If you’d like a cheaper radio with a similar design, you should consider the VQ Retro Mini, which is another FM/DAB radio with a space-saving vertical design. The Retro Mini is a stylish radio that comes in a large choice of colours and designs.

A more expensive option is the Ted Baker London Finisterre, which is one of the best sounding DAB radios currently available in the UK.

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