Pure One Classic Series 2 Radio Review

Pure One Classic Series 2 Radio Review

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The Pure One Classic Series 2 is a relatively old DAB radio now, having been first released in 2011. It’s an FM/DAB radio with plenty of features including an alarm, sleep and kitchen timers, and an aux-in port. This radio’s stand-out feature is its ability to pause and rewind the radio for up to 45 minutes. Let’s look at this radio in more detail…


  • FM and DAB radio with up to 30 preset stations
  • Aux-in port for connecting an MP3 player or other device
  • Kitchen and sleep timers
  • Alarm with choice of either a buzzer sound or the radio
  • Pause and rewind radio (memory holds up to 45 minutes of radio)
  • Uses a rechargeable Pure ChargePAK C6L or six C-sized batteries.
  • FM has RDS, so it shows the station name on the screen
  • USB port for upgrading firmware
  • Clock display
  • The scrolling text that shows information about the radio station, programme and track name can be paused or fast-forwarded, which is very convenient.


  • Clean and clear sound. It doesn’t sound tinny unlike many other radios of its size.
  • Feels solid and durable
  • Rubberised exterior means it’s unlikely to slip
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Ability to pause and rewind radio
  • Adjustable sleep timer (15, 30 or 45 minutes)
  • The aerial can be extended about two and a half feet, which helps the radio get a good signal.


  • Relatively expensive, especially if you buy the battery pack as well
  • When using the aux-in port, you can’t control the volume using the radio’s own volume control
  • Gets through batteries quickly (if you use C-size batteries rather than the ChargePAK)
  • Rubberised exterior gets sticky and collects dirt and dust


The Pure One Classic Series 2 is a reliable DAB/FM radio with good sound quality for its size. The most impressive thing about this radio is that it lets you pause the radio and rewind it up to 45 minutes. This is great if you hear your favourite song and want to play it again, or if you get interrupted and don’t want to miss anything.

We only recommend buying this DAB radio if you want the pause/rewind feature. If you don’t think you’ll use that feature, you can get a more up-to-date DAB radio for a similar or lower price.

If you do decide to get the Pure One Classic Series 2, you should also buy the optional ChargePAK, as this will mean you won’t need to keep replacing its batteries.

Similar radios

The PURE One Midi Series 3 is a newer alternative to the Classic Series 2. It might cost you slightly more, but it uses more recent technology. It offers very similar features to the Classic Series 2, but without the pause/rewind feature.

The Pure One Elite Series 2 is very similar to the Classic Series 2, but has dual speakers giving it stereo sound.

If you want something cheaper, you should consider the Goodmans Canvas Digital & FM Radio, which costs about half as much as the Classic Series 2 (at the time of writing).

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