Roberts R9993 3-Band Portable Radio Review

Roberts R9993 3-Band Portable Radio Review

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Summary: The Roberts R9993 is one of the best portable AM/FM radios in its price range.

The Roberts R9993 is a straightforward portable LW/MW/FM radio from respected brand Roberts. It’s a popular and affordable battery-powered analogue radio that could be a good choice provided you’re not interested in picking up DAB radio stations. What can the R9993 do and how does it perform? Find out in this review…


  • Three bands: LW, MW, FM
  • LED power indicator
  • Dial tuning slider
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Takes 4 AA batteries (not included)

Dimensions: 20 cm wide x 13 cm high x 5.5 cm deep
Weight: 420 g


  • Batteries last a long time – much longer than they would in a DAB radio
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Robust and well built
  • Controls are easy to use
  • Signal is very good on AM (LW), without the usual interference


  • Tuning the radio can be fiddly, as with all radios that use this kind of design
  • No DAB radio

Who is the Roberts R9993 for?

This radio is ideal if you:

  • Live in a remote area with poor DAB radio signal
  • Want a classic radio rather than a modern digital radio

Performance and use

This radio works in the old-fashioned way, with a sliding tuning dial and circular volume knob. This is great if you don’t have the patience for more modern radios that can use confusing combinations of buttons. One nice design feature is that the top panel is angled towards you, making it easier to read.

The Roberts R9993 lasts for months on 4 AA batteries. Once they do run out, AA batteries are cheap and easy to get hold of. You can also plug it into the mains, but a mains adapter isn’t included with the radio so you’d need to buy one separately.

This radio gives you the choice of LW, MW and FM bands, and the reception on LW and MW is clearer than what you would get from most other radios. The radio is well-made and durable, as you’d expect from Roberts Radio. It should last for years, unlike radios from less reputable brands which could suddenly stop working after a few months.


This is one the best portable analogue radios in its price range. It doesn’t offer DAB radio, but lots of people prefer “old-fashioned” radios like this. It’s a great radio for the bathroom, garage, or shed. If you miss how radios used to be before all this newfangled digital stuff came along, the Roberts R9993 is ideal.

This radio is also a good choice if you live in a remote place where FM and/or DAB reception is poor, as it gives you a choice of three bands (LW, MW and FM).

Alternative radios

For a similar price, you could get the Goodmans Canvas Portable Digital & FM Radio. This stylish radio gives you DAB radio, but doesn’t have AM. It has a simple and easy-to-use design, with buttons and an LCD screen as opposed to the slider and volume knob on the Roberts R9993.

If you want an alternative Roberts radio, you could consider the Roberts Radio Play10, which offers DAB/DAB+ and FM. It’s more expensive than the Roberts R9993, but gives you the option of listening to digital stations.

For some more great AM/FM radios, check out our roundup of the best AM/FM radios.

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