Roberts Radio Stream93i Review

Roberts Radio Stream93i Review

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The Roberts Radio Stream93i is an FM/DAB/DAB+ internet radio which can be used to listen to the thousands of stations available online as well as national and local FM and DAB stations.

You can also upgrade the radio with the optional Bluetooth adapter. This radio is available in a choice of two colours: black or white. Let’s take a closer look…


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • WiFi connectivity for listening to the thousands of UK and international radio stations and podcasts available online
  • Three-way speaker with a bass woofer. Three-way speakers are made up of three separate speakers, one for each frequency range (low, medium and high).
  • Equaliser with separate bass and treble controls
  • Can be controlled using the UNDOK app for iOS or Android
  • Can be used with Spotify Connect (if you have a Spotify Premium account)
  • USB port for connecting an iPod or other MP3 player
  • Remote control
  • Alarm
  • Store 40 preset stations on FM, DAB and internet modes, giving 120 presets in total
  • Sleep timer

Dimensions: 24 cm wide x 20.5 cm high x 13 cm deep
Weight: 1.9 kg


Design and appearance

The Roberts Radio Stream93i has a glossy piano black finish and looks elegant, stylish and understated. It also feels reassuringly heavy and solid, and it’s clear the radio is made of quality materials.

Sound quality

The cabinet has been acoustically tuned to improve the sound quality, and it certainly seems to work. The radio sounds detailed and rich with a good level of bass.


This radio is mains powered unless you buy the optional battery pack. With the battery pack you can carry it around the house or garden, but it will cost you a fair bit more.


The alarm is very flexible and has lots of options such as the ability to set a one-off alarm or a daily one. It also starts quietly and gradually gets louder, making it more ‘humane’ than other alarms that start at full volume.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Well built and sturdy
  • Rich, warm sound with a good amount of bass
  • Can play podcasts as well as internet radio
  • Good reception on both FM and DAB/DAB+
  • Clear and easy-to-read colour display that even displays album art when it’s available
  • Large (maybe too large) and detailed instructions manual


  • Alarm is quite difficult to set at first, but this is because it is so flexible and has so many options
  • Navigating the menu is complicated and tedious
  • No Bluetooth in the standard model – you need to buy a separate Bluetooth adapter
  • Manual seems to overcomplicate things


If you’re looking to get your first internet radio, the Roberts Radio Stream93i is an excellent choice. Internet radio opens up a world of possibilities (over 20,000 stations are available online).

This radio has great sound quality and an impressive range of features, which is reflected in the relatively high price. There are lots of cheaper FM/DAB radios available, so you should only buy this radio if you plan to listen to online radio rather than just FM and DAB.

The challenge with radios that can do everything is keeping them simple and easy to use, and this is where the Stream93i hits a few snags. Navigating all of the options on the menu can be slow and cumbersome, as is accessing all of the 120 possible preset stations.

Hopefully Roberts will improve this for the next version of this radio, but to some extent a more complicated interface will always be the price you have to pay for a radio with so many features and options.

However, you can install the UNDOK app and use your phone as a remote control, which is easier than using the menu on the device itself.

Similar radios

There are several other radios in Roberts’ Stream range of internet radios.

If you’d prefer a more retro design, you should consider the Roberts Revival iStream2, which has an attractive 1950s-style design and is available in a range of colours.

A cheaper alternative is the Roberts Radio Stream104, which is the cheapest product in Roberts’ Stream range at the time of writing. Like the Stream93i, it has FM/DAB/DAB+ and internet radio, though the sound quality isn’t as it has a smaller speaker.

If you’re interested in other internet radio brands, you can check out our roundup of some of the best internet radios in the UK.

If you like the idea of having access to internet radio and podcasts but don’t like the sound of the Stream 93i’s complicated menu system, one alternative could be to get a good Bluetooth speaker and use it to stream radio and podcasts from your phone, tablet or other laptop (provided they have internet and Bluetooth).

One excellent option is the Sony CMT-X3CD, which is actually a CD hi-fi system that you can use as a Bluetooth speaker.

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