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Radio has played a huge part in the lives of many British people, being one of the first forms of communication and providing many a household with important news announcements during the wars.

Listening to the radio was a group activity, much like sitting to watch the television is today, so it’s no surprise that the UK was at the forefront of development in radio technology.

British manufacturers have produced several classic models and continue to do so, developing with the times and incorporating DAB/DAB+ functionality and now internet radio and Bluetooth.

You can’t quite beat British brands when it comes to radio, so here’s a brief exploration of some of the best British radio manufacturers still around today.

Bear in mind that while these brands design their radios in the UK, almost all radios are now made in China and other parts of the Far East.

Roberts Radio


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Founded in: 1932
Headquarters: Mexborough, South Yorkshire

Roberts is a British radio manufacturer based in Mexborough, Yorkshire. The company was founded in 1932 by Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead and has produced some classic models over the years.

Roberts Radio is one of the most popular and well respected British radio brands. Harry Roberts got a letter in 1940 telling him that the Queen had bought a Roberts radio, the first of several owned by the family.

Some of Roberts Radio’s classic models include the R200, created in 1956. The radio’s appearance in a Martini advert helped turn it into a design icon and one of the most popular radios of the ‘50s.

This classic design is now available with DAB radio in the Revival range.

Roberts Radio has shown an impressive ability to adapt to embrace new technology without abandoning its classic designs.

Recommended radio: Stream 94i

The Stream 94i is a stylishly designed internet radio that also offers FM and DAB/DAB+. It’s one of our favourite internet radios on the market at the moment due to its versatility and user-friendliness.


Ruark Audio


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Founded in: 1985
Headquarters: Southend on Sea, Essex

Ruark Audio was founded by Brian O’Rourke in 1985. O’Rourke was a carpenter who worked on wooden radio cabinets in the ‘50s and ‘60s. O’Rourke became a radio enthusiast, leading him to form Ruark Acoustics with his son Alan.

Alan O’Rourke is a keen guitar player who earnt his engineering chops at Ford Motor Company and Marconi.

Ruark Audio remains a family-owned company known for its high-quality engineering and stylish design. The Sunday Telegraph called its R1 model, “the Aston Martin of DAB Radios”.

The company’s high-end radios can be found in the suites of prestigious hotels like the Savoy Hotel in London.

Ruark is popular among audiophiles who appreciate the brand’s attention to detail in working to create the perfect sound.

Recommended radio: Ruark R1 Mk3

The Ruark R1 Mk3 is a high-end radio with excellent sound quality. As well as DAB radio, it also has FM, Bluetooth and a dual alarm clock.




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Founded in: 2004
Headquarters: Lanark, Lanarkshire

Revo is a relatively new company when compared with the others in our list, founded in Lanark, Scotland in 2004. Following the principle of “quality in, quality out”, Revo uses the audio industry’s most respected component suppliers for its radios.

As a result, its radios are highly praised, top-of-the-line models that have garnered very positive reviews from audio enthusiasts.

Revo has won several awards for its products, including What Hi-Fi?’s “Radio Product of the Year” award in 2011 and 2012 for its AXiS radios.

Recommended radio: Revo SuperSignal

The Revo SuperSignal is an attractive wood-effect radio with FM and DAB/DAB+ tuners. It also offers a dual alarm clock, Bluetooth and handy remote control.




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Founded in: 2002
Headquarters: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

Based in rural Hertfordshire, Pure is one of Britain’s leading consumer electronics brands. Its DAB radios have won several awards. All products are engineered and designed in the UK by its small team.

Impressively, the company offers a 3-year warranty on its whole range, and also offers repair services and free customer support.

The company have sold over 5 million digital radios since forming in 2002 and its Pure Evoke range is one of the most popular ranges of DAB radios in the UK.

Recommended radio: Pure Evoke H3

The Pure Evoke H3 is one of the best all-round DAB radios on the market in the UK. It offers a good combination of features including a dual alarm clock, Bluetooth and a nice colour display.




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Founded in: 2008 (Inc. 2004)
Headquarters: Net Park, Sedgefield

AZATOM is the most recently founded British radio manufacturer but they have over 25 years of expertise in technology and audio. The brand may not be as popular as some of the above-mentioned household names, but it is making headway in the radio industry, being Amazon’s Choice and appearing in the top 15 Portable DAB Radios list.

This fast-growing team are continually striving to develop new sound technologies and provide high-end products to its customers.

All new technology development, patent development, studio sound testing and design of new products occurs in the Net Park headquarters.

Recommended radio: AZATOM Multiplex D2

The AZATOM Multiplex D2 is a follow-up model to the Multiplex D1 (which we have a full review on here) and brings a lot of features to the table for a pretty decent price. The D2 is equipped with FM, DAB/DAB+, Bluetooth 5.0, alarm clock, phone charging USB, rechargeable battery and stereo speakers – all you could want from a radio.


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  1. Victor Ernest Hamlin

    Im looking to purchasing a radio of top quality.In the sixties the famous Zenith Transoceanic was the top radio ,for listening to stations all over the world.
    Now Im looking for something in the same quality range.I dont like the digital signal to range into a determined station I prefer the old dial tunning sistem,Am I oldfashioned?

  2. I have contacted all four of the above companies, and have been told by them all that they DO NOT manufacture in the UK. They tell me that it is almost impossible to find a DAB radio not made in China. If anyone knows of one please let me know


  3. Trying to buy anything that is made in Britain is VERY difficult. I bought a DAB radio , a Bush, which is a British company, and on the bottom of the radio it said ‘made in China’. Salter a British company, bought kitchen scales, underneath it said made in China. Heavens is there nothing made in this country any more?

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