What Frequency Is BBC Radio Manchester Broadcast On

What Frequency Is BBC Radio Manchester Broadcast On?

BBC Radio Manchester launched in 1970 as the first local station in Manchester, originally on the AM medium wave band. It has broadcast from MediaCityUK since 2011 and operates 24 hours a day with local programming for the majority of the time and Radio 5 Live programmes during the early hours of the morning.

As a local station, BBC Radio Manchester doesn’t have the same number of platforms as national stations. It broadcasts on FM and DAB frequencies as well as via Freeview TV and internet streaming.

Here’s how you can listen to BBC Radio Manchester:

  • AM radio: Not available.
  • FM radio: Either 95.1 or 104.6 MHz, so try both and select the one with the best signal.
  • DAB radio: Transmitted through the Manchester multiplex but you just need to scroll through the channels and select by name.
  • Sky: Not available.
  • Freeview: Channel 719.
  • Freesat: Not available.
  • Virgin Media: Not available.
  • Online: Use apps such as Radioplayer or TuneIn.

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