What Frequency Is BBC Radio Kent Broadcast On

What Frequency is BBC Radio Kent Broadcast On?

BBC Radio Kent is the BBC’s local radio station for the county of Kent, though it can also be heard in parts of southeast London. It broadcasts on FM and DAB. The radio station used to also broadcast on AM, but this ceased in January 2018.

Here’s an overview of where you can and can’t find BBC Radio Kent:

  • AM radio: Not available (774 and 1602 kHz services were discontinued in January 2018)
  • FM radio: 104.2 MHz (Canterbury and East Kent), 97.6 MHz (Folkestone), 96.7 MHz (Maidstone and West Kent)
  • DAB radio: Just scroll through the stations on your radio or manually tune to 11C (220.352 MHz)
  • Online: Via the BBC Radio Kent website or most radio streaming apps.
  • Freeview: Channel 719

On DAB, BBC Radio Kent broadcasts on the Kent multiplex using masts in Benfleet, Bluebell Hill S, Chartham, Creteway Down, Dunkirk, Swingate, Thanet, Tunbridge Wells and Wye.

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