What Frequency Is BBC Tees Broadcast On

What Frequency Is BBC Tees Broadcast On?

BBC Tees is the BBC’s local radio station for Teesside as well as parts of County Durham and North Yorkshire. BBC Tees is available on FM and DAB radio, but not AM. It only broadcasts within the local area, so the only way to listen to it if you’re located elsewhere is online.

BBC Tees is broadcast on FM using the frequency 95 MHz.

Here’s an overview of where you can and can’t find BBC Tees:

  • AM radio: Not available
  • FM radio: 95 MHz (most areas of Teesside) and 95.8 MHz (Whitby)
  • DAB radio: Just scroll through the stations on your radio or manually tune to 11B (218.640 MHz)
  • Online: Via the BBC Tees website or most radio streaming apps
  • Freeview: Channel 722

On DAB, BBC Tees broadcasts on the Teesside multiplex using masts in Bilsdale, Brusselton, Eston Nab and Romaldkirk.

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