Can You Get a Pocket DAB Radio with Bluetooth

Can You Get a Pocket DAB Radio with Bluetooth?

There’s a large choice of pocket DAB radios on the market, but do any of them have Bluetooth?

Before getting into this topic, it’s important to point out that a radio can either have a Bluetooth transmitter or a Bluetooth receiver. If it has a Bluetooth transmitter this means you will be able to listen through wireless headphones. If it has a receiver this means you will be able to stream music from a phone or other device through the radio’s speakers.

Pure Move T4

The closest thing we could find to a pocket DAB radio with Bluetooth is the Pure Move T4. This radio has a Bluetooth receiver, so you can stream music through its built-in speaker, but it doesn’t have a transmitter so you can’t use it with wireless headphones unless you connect it to an external Bluetooth transmitter.

The Pure Move T4 is larger than the average ‘pocket’ DAB radio at 13 x 6.5 x 2 cm. While it is marketed as a pocket radio, we think it makes more sense to put it in the ‘portable’ DAB radio category as it’s a bit large for your pocket. The Pure Move T4 is also significantly more expensive than the average pocket radio, so it’s not the ideal solution.

Using a pocket radio with a Bluetooth transmitter

If you want to listen to a pocket DAB radio through wireless speakers the only solution we know of at the moment is to buy an external Bluetooth transmitter such as this one from TaoTronics. This transmitter can connect to a pocket radio’s headphone jack, and will transmit the audio wirelessly to Bluetooth speakers. However, it measures 6.1 x 2.2 x 1 cm so it’s not ideal for keeping in your pocket along with a pocket radio.


It is technically possible to use a pocket radio with wireless speakers or headphones, and you can also buy small DAB radios that you can stream music through via Bluetooth. However, there isn’t a really compact and convenient option out there at the moment, so for most people, it’s not worth trying to using a pocket DAB radio with Bluetooth.


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