What Frequency Is Kisstory Broadcast On?

Kisstory is a digital-only radio station that plays hip hop, R ‘n’ B and dance music. Kisstory broadcasts on DAB and Freeview, but not on FM.

On DAB radio you don’t need to remember a frequency to tune into, so you can just scroll through the stations available and select Kisstory. It uses the SDL National Multiplex which has the frequency 11A, though you will only need this information if you are manually tuning your DAB radio. If your DAB radio doesn’t find Kisstory, try moving the radio near a window to improve the signal and then retuning it.

On Freeview Kisstory is channel 714.

Kisstory isn’t available on FM, so you won’t be able to find it on an AM/FM radio. If your car stereo doesn’t have DAB radio, you won’t be able to listen to Kisstory in your car without upgrading your stereo or buying a plug-and-play DAB radio adapter.

Kisstory also isn’t available on Sky or Virgin Media.

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