Can You Still Buy a Pure Marshall DAB Radio

Can You Still Buy a Pure Marshall DAB Radio?

The Pure Evoke Marshall DAB radio was a product of three UK companies: Pure, Marshall Amplification and Planet Rock. It was primarily designed for listening to rock music, with Planet Radio being permanently set as the first of the thirty pre-settable channels.

The radio’s rock music origins are evident in the black vinyl wrap that matches a Marshall amplifier, its solid wood construction, brass effect control panel, black metallic speaker grille and red on black display. It also has that distinctive Marshall tone, great sound and a volume control that goes up to eleven to play the music really loud.

It has the usual DAB information displayed, 3.5 mm stereo and mono jacks, USB port and is mains or battery powered (up to 24 hours on full charge). For stereo output, you need to connect a matching Marshall speaker.

If you search online for Pure Marshall radio, you’ll get plenty of sites that appear to sell it. However, most of the entries are at least ten years old and very few actually have the radio available for sale because it has been discontinued.

You can, in fact, only get second-hand versions and will need to access sites such as eBay to find one (see Ebay listings here). Check the condition before you buy although if you find one in full working order, you won’t be disappointed.

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