Jazz Radio Stations in the UK

Calling all jazz lovers! Here is a list of the best jazz radio stations in the UK. Whether you’re a blues baby or a ragtime rascal, there’ll be a radio station to suit your musical soul. This list includes FM, online and DAB digital stations to you can listen anywhere, anytime.


Website: bsj.fm

Best Smooth Jazz is a radio station based in London and despite the name being BSJ.FM, you can’t actually tune in on an FM radio.

This online-only radio station plays a whole variety of the smoothest jazz tunes around, broadcast live from London’s South Bank with daily host Rod Lucas. Rod has been playing jazz on radio since 1971 for BBC Radio Medway/Kent (he was only 15 at the time) so you could say that jazz runs through his veins! Playing soulful, instrumental jazz 24/7, this radio station would suit those who like their jazz as mellow as it gets.

You can download the BSJ.FM app to your phone, so you can listen on the go. On their website, you can leave a voice message for the presenter and get in touch via Facebook or Twitter too. You can catch up with videos on their YouTube channel too!

How to Listen:

  • Online
  • App


Giants of Jazz Radio

Website: giantsofjazzradio.co.uk

Giants of Jazz Radio is an online-only radio station launched in December of 2011 which plays classic jazz from the 1940’s to 1970’s – an era of jazz that the station believes no one should forget.

With Alan Bramwell (previously working in radio for 25 years) as station manager, Giants of Jazz has grown quickly and now has listeners from all around the world. The schedule of programmes includes segments like Jazz Divas, History of Jazz, Jazz Voices as well as a whole lot of music from the likes of Alice Coltrane, Elvin Jones, Donald Byrd and many many others.

If you are a budding jazz musician, jazz enthusiast or writer, GoJR is currently offering the chance to create content for the station – whether this be video, audio or written content! The Giants of Jazz Radio have pieced together a top 100 on their site, which would be a great start for someone looking to develop their classic jazz knowledge and collections!

How to Listen:

  • Online
  • App


Jazz FM

Website: jazzfm.com

First launched in 1990, Jazz FM has been bringing radio listeners classic jazz, blues and soul music for many years. This London-based station was once available on an FM frequency, but currently (since 2008) resides on DAB and DAB+ digital radio and online.

With a schedule filled with every type of jazz you could imagine, there’s something for everyone. Tune in for Jez Nelson playing eclectic jazz tracks, Elliot Moss for jazz influencers or Chris Philips for relaxed, soulful jazz.

Jazz FM describes their playlists as ‘Listen in Colour’, with their vast variety of jazz sounds. All of this digital jazz radio station’s presenters are self-professed jazz fans and have expertise in their individual fields, so you know you’re going to get good content.

You will more than likely hear music you’ve never heard before, as Jazz FM liked to play lots of new music alongside the legends of jazz and all the classic jazz tunes.

How to Listen:

  • DAB+ – 11A
  • DAB – 12A (London) & 9A (Norwich minimux)
  • Sky – 202
  • Online
  • App


Jazz London Radio

Website: jazzlondonradio.com

Listen to Jazz London Radio online to hear a variety of music genres, most of which falling under the jazz umbrella. This station was dreamed up in 2014 and developed as a way to showcase a variety of music from many eras and from genres which may fall outside of jazz, but still exhibit the fun and creativity that jazz always offers.

Laurie Burnette is the founder of Jazz London Radio and she decided to use the internet as a platform to play music to the masses, with hopes of reaching the four corners of the globe!

Presenters include Andrea Vicari, Chris Hodgkins and Todd Gordon (amongst others), who bring you a mix of old and new jazz, soul, gospel, latin, R&B and lots more. If your main love is for jazz music, you may want to choose a radio station which is solely dedicated to jazz instead.

How to Listen:

  • Online



Website: kjazzradiouk.com

This station first launched in 2011 as a means to promote the music of indie smooth jazz musicians. Smooth jazz still makes up a lot of the aired content, but there are other genres covered which still fit into the chilled vibes of the station.

You can enjoy blues, R&B, new age and ambient music alongside the usual relaxed sounds of KJAZZ Radio UK. This online station is broadcast from a studio in West Sussex and has a sister station in Winnipeg, Canada.

KJAZZ broadcasts 24/7 with a continuous stream of music from a variety of new and old jazz musicians and bands, with the smallest amount of chat in between tracks. Indie jazz musicians are actually invited to submit their music to the radio station, or if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a music DJ, then KJAZZ Radio UK could be the place for you, with opportunities to become a volunteer DJ on their station.

How to Listen:

  • Online


The Jazz UK

Website: thejazz.co.uk

The Jazz UK is another online radio station dedicated to all things jazz. With music and interviews from a variety of jazz genres, there should be something for everyone. They actually have separate streams on their site – for 21st Century jazz, 20th Century jazz and blues and Smooth jazz and soul grooves, so you can choose what to tune into.

DJs and presenters include Andy Field, Lorens Chuno and Steve Stevie amongst others, all with their own slots and specific musical tastes.

The Jazz UK is broadcast from Barnstaple in Devon, but due to its online presence reaches people from all around the world. If you like reading interviews with jazz artists, catch up with Fiona Ross’ interviews.

How to Listen:

  • Online
  • App

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