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Does BBC Radio 4 Play Music

Does BBC Radio 4 Play Music?

In general, BBC Radio 4 is a speech-only radio station. It very rarely plays pieces of music in their entirety. There are some music-focused programmes on BBC Radio 4 such as Desert Island Discs. However, in this programme, only short excerpts of music are used. Another programme in which you will hear music is Sunday …

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Is DAB Radio Down

Is DAB Radio Down?

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely you’re asking, “Is DAB radio down today?” DAB radio sometimes experiences outages, but if you aren’t picking up DAB stations it’s more likely there is a problem with your radio. Causes of DAB radio outages can include: Technical problems at the radio station Planned maintenance work on the …

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How Does DAB Radio Work

How Does DAB Radio Work?

Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) was initiated in the 1980s, launched in the UK in 1995 and is becoming increasingly popular. DAB radio offers a bigger choice of stations as the technology allows for more radio services in the same amount of bandwidth. How Does DAB Radio Work? The principle behind radio is that a device …

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Best Radio Brands

Best Radio Brands

Who makes the best radios? That’s a difficult question to answer, as there are a lot of companies out there making great AM, FM, DAB and internet radios. These radios range from cheap portable pocket radios to expensive high-end sound systems. Some of these radios are style icons, while others are made with just sound …

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