Can You Get a DAB Radio with a Bluetooth Transmitter

Can You Get a DAB Radio with a Bluetooth Transmitter?

At the time of writing, there don’t seem to be any DAB radios with a Bluetooth transmitter on the market. There are lots of radios with a Bluetooth receiver that let you play music from your phone through the radio’s speakers, but no radios with Bluetooth output that would allow you to listen to the radio through wireless headphones.

The only solution we know of is to buy a separate Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the radio’s headphone jack. The TaoTronics TT-BA01UK (shown below) is a popular and affordable Bluetooth transmitter that connects to a 3.5-mm headphone jack and transmits a Bluetooth signal up to 30 metres. The transmitter has a built-in battery which lasts for about 6-7 hours and is charged using a micro USB cable.

Lots of people have found this transmitter to be useful for listening to DAB radio through Bluetooth headphones. It’s easy to pair with devices. As well as using it with wireless headphones, you could use it to connect a DAB radio to Bluetooth speakers. This might be useful if you only have a pocket DAB radio and want to listen to it through speakers rather than headphones.

Pocket DAB radios use the headphones as the antenna, so you might wonder whether the radio will still pick up stations if a Bluetooth transmitter is connected instead of headphones. This shouldn’t be a problem; the transmitter will work as the antenna instead.

Bluetooth transmitters are usually very small—the TaoTronics one mentioned here measures 6.1 x 2.2 x 1 cm. This means it won’t get in the way too much and you can easily carry it around with you. However, if you’re listening to a personal DAB radio in your pocket it might be a bit inconvenient.

One issue that some people have with Bluetooth transmitters is that the sound quality isn’t always as good as it could be. Sometimes there can be a loss of quality or you might hear crackling or interference. This shouldn’t be a problem though if you buy a quality transmitter.

4 thoughts on “Can You Get a DAB Radio with a Bluetooth Transmitter?”

  1. I have bought both the Pure Move T4 and the above Taotronics Bluetooth transmitter, as well as another Taotronics transmitter. Both transmitters connected to the headphones but no sound could be heard. I have tried both transmitters on another Pure model of radio and both work ad they should. It appears that the Bluetooth receiver within the Pure Move T4 radio is stopping the transmitters from working properly.

  2. My experience is different to Sue’s. Using the same equipment I am able to transmit radio to a plantronics headset (explorer 50).

    The radio requires careful positioning to avoid the bubbling mud sound – interference of the incoming dab signal and outgoing Bluetooth?

    My biggest issue is with the pure move t4. All the sales pics show the radio without the antenna up. I think the pure lifestyle marketing video even shows the radio in use without the antenna up..?..

    1. Not that I know of. As far as I know you can only get a radio CD player with a Bluetooth receiver.

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