Can You Use Wireless Headphones with a DAB Radio?

Wireless headphones are very useful as they let you walk around the room while listening to music or the radio without a cable getting in the way.

Unfortunately, to use wireless headphones with a DAB radio you need an extra piece of equipment—a Bluetooth transmitter.

This is because while many DAB radios have Bluetooth, they have a Bluetooth receiver rather than a transmitter.

This means that you can send audio to the radio’s speakers via Bluetooth, but you can’t send the radio’s own audio to Bluetooth headphones.

Connecting headphones to a DAB radio wirelessly

To achieve a wireless connection, you can buy a small and affordable Bluetooth transmitter which plugs into the radio’s headphone jack and allows you to listen to the radio through wireless Bluetooth headphones.

One popular option is this TaoTronics transmitter that pairs with various Bluetooth receivers such as speakers as well as headphones. It supports Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and has a working range of up to thirty feet.

Do any wireless headphones have a built-in DAB radio?

At the time of writing, there don’t seem to be any wireless headphones on the market with a built-in DAB radio.

There are a few pairs of ear defenders that have DAB radio built in. They could be a good choice if you want to block out external noise, though they’re not very sleek and stylish!

We’ve covered this topic in more depth here.

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