Majority Peterhouse Internet Radio Review

Majority Peterhouse Internet Radio Review

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The Peterhouse offers great value for money and is an ideal first internet radio.

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The Majority Peterhouse is one of the cheapest and most popular internet radios available in the UK at the time of writing. Rather than using an FM or DAB tuner, the Peterhouse connects to your WiFi to stream radio via the internet. You can use this radio to listen to all the major national and local UK stations as well as thousands of stations from all over the world.

The Majority Peterhouse appears to offer a lot for the price, but how does it perform? Find out in this review…


  • Internet radio
  • Dual alarm clock with snooze timer
  • Aux in
  • Sleep timer
  • USB port for charging a device or playing MP3 files
  • Line out port
  • Dimmable LCD screen
  • Clock display
  • Can be used with Spotify
  • Displays weather forecast
  • Remote control

Dimensions: 23 cm wide x 13.8 cm high x 13 cm deep
Weight: 1.4 kg

Performance and use

The Peterhouse is easy to set up and start using, even if you haven’t used an internet radio before. You can connect to WiFi manually or using WPS. It should only take a minute or so to connect it to your WiFi network, and then you’ll be ready to start listening to the radio.

It’s easy to find the stations you’d get on a regular FM/DAB radio by using ‘Local Radio’ mode, which shows you the national and local stations that broadcast in your area. You can also browse stations from all over the world, which is great if you’re learning a foreign language or just want more choice. There’s also a ‘Sleep Radio’ mode which plays relaxing wave noises etc. to help you sleep.

For a small and inexpensive radio, the Peterhouse has decent, clear sound quality. In addition to listening to the radio, you can also connect the Peterhouse to Spotify if you have Spotify Premium to stream millions of songs.

The instructions manual (available online here) is clearly written and quite comprehensive.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Decent sound quality
  • Easy to connect to WiFi
  • Huge choice of stations


  • No headphone jack
  • No Bluetooth


The Peterhouse offers great value for money and is a good option if you want to try internet radio without investing in a high-end radio.

It’s important to note that this radio doesn’t have an FM or DAB tuner. It’s internet only, so you will need a fast and reliable WiFi connection.

The Peterhouse could be a good choice if you want a larger choice of stations to listen to or if the FM/DAB reception is poor where you live but you have a good internet connection.

Similar radios

One popular alternative to the Majority Peterhouse from a more established brand is the Roberts Stream 93i, which is available with a battery pack and Bluetooth adapter (which both cost extra). Like the Peterhouse, the Stream 93i is compatible with Spotify Connect and also features an alarm clock and a USB port for playing MP3s. The Stream 93i is quite a bit more expensive than the Peterhouse, but you might feel more confident buying from a well-known brand like Roberts.

Another quality internet radio is the John Lewis Octave. The Octave has a very stylish design and comes with Bluetooth by default. While it’s more expensive than the Peterhouse, it offers good value for money when compared to radios from high-end brands.

For some more options, see our roundup of the best internet radios.

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