Ocean Digital WR238CD Internet Radio Review

Ocean Digital WR238CD Internet Radio Review 2024

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A good budget internet radio, though not the most intuitive to use.

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The WR238CD is a budget-priced internet radio from Hong Kong brand Ocean Digital. This small unit has FM, DAB/DAB+ and internet radio as well as Bluetooth and an alarm clock, so it seems appears to offer good value for money. But how does it perform, and is it worth buying? Find out in this review…


  • FM/DAB/DAB+/Internet radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual alarm clock
  • Sleep timer
  • Saves 250 preset stations
  • 4-inch colour display with adjustable brightness
  • Aux input
  • Line out
  • Headphone jack
  • Remote control

Dimensions: 19.5 cm wide x 11.5 cm high x 11.5 cm deep

Performance and use

The Ocean Digital WR238CD connects to the internet via WiFi, either by manually entering your WiFi password or by using the WPS button on your router. Internet radio gives you a huge choice of stations to listen to, including all the main national and local stations in the UK as well as thousands of stations from around the world.

One downside with the WR238CD is that it can take a long time to find internet radio stations as you either have to search for them manually or scroll through several menus and sub-menus. Entering station names via the remote control is time-consuming, but this is quite common with internet radios.

As well as radio, the Ocean Digital WR238CD features a Bluetooth receiver, so you can pair it with your phone or tablet and play music through the radio’s speaker. Like all Bluetooth radios on the market at the moment, the WR238CD doesn’t have a Bluetooth transmitter, so you can’t use it with Bluetooth headphones.

For something small and inexpensive, the WR238CD has relatively good sound quality, though you will need to invest more money if you want something with really good sound quality.


  • Cheap
  • Useful remote control
  • Decent sound quality
  • Features Bluetooth


  • Can’t use your phone as a remote control (unlike with the Roberts Stream 94i)
  • Searching for stations can be slow


The Ocean Digital WR238CD is one of the cheapest internet radios on the market and it generally performs well, so it’s definitely worth considering if you want something inexpensive and functional.

Some of the more expensive internet radios on the market are easier to use and have better sound quality, but the Ocean Digital WR238CD is a good budget choice.

Similar radios

One rival product in this price range is the Majority Peterhouse, which is another budget internet radio. Unlike the Ocean Digital WR238CD, the Majority Peterhouse is internet only, so it doesn’t have an FM or DAB/DAB+ receiver. The Peterhouse also doesn’t have Bluetooth, so it’s a bit more limited in terms of features.

A good alternative from a more established brand is the Roberts Stream 94i, which is considerably more expensive than the Ocean Digital WR238CD but has better sound quality and is more enjoyable to use. As well as internet radio, the Stream 94i also has Bluetooth, a dual alarm clock and an FM/DAB/DAB+ radio tuner. You can also use your phone to control the radio using an app, or use the remote control provided.

For some more options, see our roundup of the best internet radios.

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