Pure Evoke H2 Radio Review

Pure Evoke H2 Radio Review

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One of the best digital radios for the average household.

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The Pure Evoke H2 is the latest addition to Pure’s well respected and almost iconic Evoke range of digital radios. The Evoke H2 is essentially an update to the Evoke D2, with an almost identical design that comes in a choice of an oak or a walnut wood-effect finish.

This radio would look great in the kitchen, but could be used anywhere and can even be used as a portable radio with the optional ChargePAK B1 battery pack. Let’s take a closer look at the Pure Evoke H2…


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Can be used as a portable radio with the optional ChargePAK B1 (costs extra)
  • Sleep and kitchen timers
  • Alarm clock with a snooze function and the choice of waking up to either an alarm sound or the radio
  • Digital Tick approved, so it’s ‘futureproof’ and will still work after any digital switchover
  • Sold with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Aux-in socket for playing music from a mobile phone, tablet or other device
  • Save up to 20 preset radio stations
  • Mini USB port for upgrades

Dimensions: 18 cm high x 11.5 cm wide x 12 cm deep
Weight: 1.04 kg
Speakers: 1.8W

Pure D2 vs. H2 – What’s the difference?

As far as I can tell, there’s no real difference between these models in terms of features, the H2 is just a newer version of the same product. It’s safe to assume that the H2 uses superior and updated technology within the radio itself to improve the sound quality and perhaps improve DAB reception.

The other radios in the new H version of the Pure Evoke range (H3, H4 and H6) do have noticeable differences to their older counterparts including new colour screens. This press release explains the differences, but doesn’t mention the H2.

To summarise, it appears that the H2 is essentially the same as the D2, but with updated audio technology.


  • Very good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Looks very nice, with an aesthetically pleasing design
  • The vertical design means it has a portable footprint, so it can easily fit on a kitchen countertop or bedside table.
  • Clock is easy to read
  • The kitchen timer is a useful extra feature


  • The alarm settings are forgotten if there’s a powercut
  • More expensive than many other radios with similar features


The Pure Evoke H2 is a high-quality, reliable radio, and is arguably one of the best digital radios for the average household. It offers the right combination of features, sound quality and attractive design that most people are looking for, and getting your hands on one won’t break the bank. It looks especially good in the kitchen, and features a kitchen timer which can be very useful.

This radio is relatively expensive for the features it offers, but it’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and has very good sound quality. All in all, it offers good value for money.

The H2 is the entry-level model in the updated range of Pure Evoke radios, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a quality radio at an affordable price. It’s also a good choice if you’re not a techie and don’t want something over-complicated.

Similar radios

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, Pure’s H3, H4 and H6 radios offer more features than the more basic H2. The H3 is very similar to the H2, but has a large colour screen and Bluetooth so you can stream music from your phone. The Pure Evoke H4 is like the H3, but with a horizontal design and a carrying handle, making it better as a portable radio. The Evoke H6 is the biggest and most expensive, with two speakers offering stereo sound.

A more affordable alternative to the Pure Evoke H2 is the VQ Retro Mini, which also has a space-saving vertical design and lets you listen to FM or DAB/DAB+ radio. Unlike the H2, it comes with Bluetooth, despite being cheaper.

A more high-end alternative for real audiophiles is the Ruark R1 MkIII. It’s one of the best-sounding DAB radios money can buy, but is significantly more expensive than the Pure Evoke H2.

For some more radios to consider, check out our roundup of the best kitchen radios.

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