Pure Evoke Prestige Radios vs. Regular Evoke Radios

Pure Evoke Prestige Radios vs. Regular Evoke Radios – What’s the Difference?

In September 2017, British digital radio manufacturer Pure released ‘Prestige’ editions of their Evoke H4 and H6 radios. If you’re interested in buying the Evoke H4 or H6, you might be confused about how Pure’s Prestige editions are different to regular Evoke radios.

The only real difference between the Prestige H4 and H6 and the regular Evoke H4 and H6 is the finish. While the Evoke H4 and H6 both come in either an oak or walnut finish, the Prestige editions of these radios come in either high-gloss white or high-gloss black and have a more modern look.

The regular Pure Evoke H6

The Prestige versions of the H4 and H6 are intended to be premium models, and hence they have a higher RRP (recommended retail price). Here are the RRPs of each model:

  • Evoke H4 – £169.99
  • Evoke H4 Prestige Edition – £189.99
  • Evoke H6 – £199.99
  • Evoke H6 Prestige Edition – £229.99

However, if you shop around you can often find the Prestige editions for the same price as the regular H4 and H6 radios.

The features, dimensions and user interface layout are the same on both the regular and prestige editions of the Pure Evoke H4 and H6. Some of the features offered include the following:

  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Bluetooth
  • 10-watt speaker
  • Dual alarm clock
  • Kitchen and sleep timers
  • Portable when bought with the optional ChargePAK battery pack

For more information, read our reviews of the Pure Evoke H4 and the Pure Evoke H6.

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  1. Thank you to clarify the difference between the prestige version and regular one as well as stating the market prices. Has been helpful for me.

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