Pure Highway H270sb DAB Car Radio Review

Pure Highway H270sb DAB Car Radio Review 2024

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The Pure Highway h270sb is a car stereo with a DAB/DAB+ radio as well as AM/FM, a CD player and a USB connection.

You need a special DAB radio antenna to listen to digital radio using this car stereo. A good choice of antenna is Autoleads DAB Film Antenna if your car is compatible with an SMB plug.

Let’s take a closer look at the Pure Highway h270sb…


  • AM/FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Bluetooth for wireless streaming and hands-free calls using the built-in microphone
  • USB connection for connecting an MP3 player, iPhone or iPod
  • CD player that can play CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs including MP3 CDs
  • MP3 playback via USB or the CD player, with a bookmarking feature to save your position
  • Customisable button lighting
  • 3.5 mm aux-in
  • Optional Traffic Announcement mode
  • Programme type search to find radio programmes by genre

Dimensions: 29.2 x 21.6 x 9 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Model number: VL-62019
Power: 12V

Performance and use

The Pure Highway h270sb is a very versatile car stereo. The radio gives you the choice of listening to AM/FM radio or digital DAB/DAB+ radio, as well as options for Bluetooth streaming or playing audio via the USB port. When playing MP3s the stereo has a bookmarking feature, which is great if you want to listen to long audiobooks or MP3 CDs with large numbers of tracks.

The Pure Highway h270sb is designed to be compatible with the iPhone using the USB connection, but you can pair any phone with Bluetooth to the stereo easily and use Bluetooth to stream music or take hands-free calls using the Pure Highway h270sb’s built-in microphone.

Fitting the Pure Highway h270sb is easier than you might imagine, though you can pay a professional from somewhere like Halfords to install it if you’re not sure what to do.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Pure Highway h270sb, you can find the manual online here. The manual can be found online here.


  • Compatible with DAB+, so it will still work if the UK switches from regular DAB to DAB+. The radio will also work in European countries that use DAB+.
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Easy to connect to a phone via USB or Bluetooth
  • Attractive design
  • Good value for money
  • Menus are intuitive
  • The colour of the lights can be changed to match the rest of your dashboard
  • Well made, quality product


  • Buttons are quite small
  • DAB reception can be patchy


The Pure Highway h270sb looks very smart and sleek and offers a great range of choice when it comes to listening to music. With AM/FM, DAB/DAB+, a CD player and Bluetooth, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The attractive design and large number of features make it good value for money.

The most important thing to know before you buy this car stereo is that you will need a special digital antenna such as the Autoleads DAB Film Antenna.

Alternatives to consider

An alternative way to get DAB radio in your car is to use a plug-and-play adapter. With an adapter you don’t need to replace your existing stereo, you simply attach the adapter to the stereo and connect the adapter to an antenna. Pure produce a well-regarded DAB radio adapter, the Pure Highway 400, though it is relatively expensive.

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