Polaroid Docking Station Review

Polaroid Docking Station Review

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The Polaroid DS431 Docking Station comes with an FM radio and an alarm clock. It uses the older 30-pin Apple connector rather than the Lightning connector, so it could be a good choice if you have an older iPod or iPhone such as an iPhone 2, 3 or 4. You can use it as a phone charger or speaker, an FM radio or an alarm clock.

Please note, this docking station isn’t compatible with an iPhone 5 or later unless you use a Lightning to 30-pin adapter.


  • 30-pin Apple docking station
  • Aux-in for connecting other audio devices
  • FM radio
  • Alarm clock
  • 2 x 5W speakers
  • LCD display
  • Remote control
  • 5 EQ tone control settings
  • Instructions manual (also available online here)

Dimensions: 14 cm wide x 15 cm high x 19 cm deep
Model number:


  • Good value for money (see on Amazon.co.uk)
  • Compatible with older iPods and iPhones
  • Connects well with the iPhone 4
  • Remote control is very useful
  • Easy to use


  • Mains only (can’t be used with batteries)
  • Only works with older iPhones (iPhone 4 or older)
  • No headphone jack
  • Sound quality is unimpressive


If you have an iPhone or iPod with a 30-pin connector, the Polaroid Docking Station is one of the best value docking stations you can get. The sound quality isn’t amazing, and you probably wouldn’t want to use it to listen to music very often, but as a docking station, alarm clock and charger it offers very good value for money.

Similar docking stations

If you’re willing to spend (a lot) more for better sound quality, you should consider the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II. It can be used as a speakerphone and also has a rechargeable battery so you can take it with you without needing to plug it into the mains.

If you have a newer iPod or iPhone with a Lightning connector, you should consider the AZATOM Home Hub, which is one of the most popular docking stations in the UK. For some more budget-priced docking stations, check out our roundup of the best iPhone docking stations under £50.

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