Revo SuperSignal Review

Revo SuperSignal Review

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The Revo SuperSignal is one of the best DAB radios for sound quality, but it isn’t ideal as a clock radio.

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The Revo SuperSignal Table Radio is a high-end FM/DAB/DAB+ radio with Bluetooth. The SuperSignal has a similar design to the Revo SuperConnect but comes with a lower price tag and doesn’t offer internet radio.

Revo’s intention with this radio is clearly to make one of the very best-sounding DAB radios on the market. So how does it perform? Find out in this review….


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Bluetooth with aptX
  • Remote control
  • Joystick-controlled user interface
  • Alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions
  • 10W Class-D amplifier
  • OLED display
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Saves 8 preset stations per radio mode
  • Headphone jack, aux-in and stereo RCA
  • Adjustable EQ

Dimensions: 21 cm high x 14 cm deep x 13.5 cm wide
Weight: 2.3 kg

Performance and use

Sound quality

The SuperSignal features an all-wood walnut cabinet with aluminium and steel components. The combination of the wood cabinet with Revo’s sophisticated audio engineering create a sound that is detailed and warm with a good amount of bass. The bass level is quite high by default, but you can reduce it using the equaliser.

This radio is definitely one of the best DAB radios for sound quality available in 2017, and has a very detailed sound that is excellent for listening to classical and acoustic music, though rock and pop music sounds great too. If you’re used to listening to an average radio you’ll be surprised by how much more detail you can hear with the SuperSignal.


The SuperSignal’s design blends classic 1960s elements with a minimalistic modern finish giving it a timeless look. One thing to watch out for is the delicate plastic screen cover which can be scratched easily.

This radio comes in a choice of finishes including matt black with silver, matt white with silver and the all-black ‘Shadow Edition’.

Alarm clock

The SuperSignal has a versatile alarm clock that lets you set alarms to sound once, daily, on weekdays or on weekends. The alarm is a bit fiddly to set, though you find this with most DAB clock radios. The alarm gradually gets louder so you can gradually wake up. You can use the snooze function just by touching the radio’s front panel when the alarm is sounding, which means you don’t need to find the snooze button.

The display is quite bright even on the lowest setting, so it’s not ideal as a bedside radio. Also, the buttons are the same shape and size so it’s not easy to find the right buttons in the dark or when you’ve just woken up. However, as mentioned above, the snooze function can be accessed just by tapping the radio’s front panel, which is a very nice feature.


The SuperSignal has Bluetooth so you can wirelessly stream audio from a phone, tablet or laptop. Bluetooth works flawlessly and has a good range, so you don’t need to position your phone or tablet right next to the radio. It also has aptX technology which means that audio streamed will be at CD quality where available.

Other points

The SuperSignal comes with a remote control which is fully-functional, unlike some radio remote controls that only have a few functions. The SuperSignal has excellent reception on both FM and DAB radio, and picks up more stations than most radios.


  • Excellent sound quality with plenty of bass
  • Attractive design
  • Useful remote control
  • Bluetooth is easy to use and has a good range


  • Display is quite bright even on the lowest setting
  • Setting the alarm is quite fiddly
  • Plastic screen cover is easy to scratch


The Revo SuperSignal might seem expensive, but it has few very rivals for sound quality in its price range. It’s an excellent radio for audiophiles who want the very best sound quality. It also has a beautiful, timeless design that would suit any kind of decor.

However, the SuperSignal isn’t ideal as a clock radio as the display is quite bright and it’s not so easy to set the alarm.

Similar radios

The most similar radio to the Revo SuperSignal is probably the Ruark R1 MkIII, which has superb sound quality and a similar design with wooden casing. The Ruark R1 MkIII arguably has the edge over the SuperSignal when it comes to sound quality, though it might cost you a bit more.

If you want more features and don’t mind compromising on sound quality you should consider the Roberts Stream93i, which is a DAB radio with WiFi for streaming the 20,000+ radio stations available online. The Stream93i is cheaper than the SuperSignal and has decent sound quality even if it’s not up to the same standard as the SuperSignal.

For some other radios to consider, check out this article: Best High-End DAB Radios.

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