R&B Radio Stations in the UK

R&B Radio Stations in the UK

If you love radio and can’t get enough of R&B beats, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve compiled a list of some of the best R&B stations in the UK.

From digital radio to good old analogue radio, here are 10 R&B radio stations for you to peruse!

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Website: bbc.co.uk/1xtra

If you’re a fan of R&B music, you’ll probably already know of this BBC radio station, which is dedicated to urban music. BBC Radio 1Xtra is Radio 1’s sister station and first aired in 2002. It resides on the 8th floor of the New Broadcasting House, which is also home to Radio 1 and Asian Network.

Radio 1Xtra is home to DJs such as Dotty, Ace, MistaJam, Charlie Sloth and Trevor Nelson. With a mix of R&B, grime, dancehall, reggae and tons more, this radio station should give you your fix of urban music from classic artists as well as up and coming new talent.

How to listen:

  • DAB – Nationally on 12B
  • Freeview – 701
  • Freesat – 701
  • Sky – 0137
  • Virgin Media – 907
  • Online – BBC website, TuneIn, app


Capital XTRA

Website: capitalxtra.com

Capital XTRA is another of the twelve radio stations under the same umbrella brand as Capital. Aired for the first time in 1990 as Choice FM, then Buzz FM in 1995, this music station was created to play exclusively R&B, grime and hip hop. Now available nationally on DAB, Capital XTRA (as Choice FM) reaches far beyond its original confines of Brixton.

This popular station is a much better choice for R&B fans than Capital FM itself. With DJs like Tim Westwood, Toni Philips, Jez Welham and Jay London, Capital XTRA is home to the best new and classic urban music tracks.

How to listen:

  • FM – Locally 96.9 and 107.1 MHz
  • DAB – 11D (England/Wales/N.Ireland) 12A (Scotland)
  • Freesat – 720
  • Sky – 0114
  • Virgin Media – 959
  • Online – Capital XTRA website, TuneIn, app


Crackers Radio

Website: crackersradio.com

This radio station is available to listen to nationally via the Crackers Radio website or by downloading their app. It originally aired in 2012 on 103.3 FM but is now only available online.

Crackers Radio plays host to a plethora of DJs such as Eon Irving, Hilary John, Cassy M, Marcus Hayes among others. Crackers originated in London as a disco in the 70s and was hugely influential in the music world, playing tracks that became some of the biggest hits and bringing to light some really big music names. Headlining DJ George Power is still a legend in the soul scene and is actually the founder of Kiss FM!

Featuring music from R&B, soul, jazz and hip hop to name but a few, this radio station should suit anyone who likes a bit of soul to their music. Unfortunately, Crackers Radio was replaced on DAB radio in 2017 by Delite Radio and is now only available to listen to online or via their app, but this means anyone around the UK can tune in and enjoy their soulful playlists!

How to listen:


Genesis Radio Birmingham

Website: genesisradiobirmingham.com

Genesis Radio Birmingham is an online-only radio station which broadcasts from Birmingham. Their first pilot broadcast was in 2012 and they moved online from 2014 so that they could reach a wider audience.

Music genres featured on Genesis include R&B, hip hop, soca, reggae and jazz and they also offer radio dramas and feature interviews with guests. DJs and presenters include Ceecee and Chicken George, who play a huge role in the running of this Birmingham radio station.

Podcasts are available to download and you can listen to Genesis Radio on their website. They also feature a lot of news and other content on their site.

How to listen:



Website: planetradio.co.uk/kiss

Perhaps one of the biggest R&B radio stations, Kiss (founded by Crackers DJ George Powers) has been airing since October 1985 and has a huge following of listeners. Kiss has many sister radio stations, all under the umbrella company Bauer Radio.

Available nationally on DAB radio (and locally on FM – listed below), you can enjoy classic and new music while tuning into radio DJs such as Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, Steve Smart, Majestic and Billy Da Kid.

Kiss radio specialises in urban, R&B, hip hop and house music, so makes the perfect choice for fans of R&B. Other music genres are played on specialist programs, so you can also enjoy grime, drum and bass, reggae and garage, among others.

There is also an app called Kiss Kube which is the official app of the radio station, allowing you to listen live, listen again and keep up with all of the latest news from Kiss presenters and DJs.

How to listen:

  • FM – 100 MHz (London), 97.2 MHz (Severn Estuary) and 105.6-106.1-106.4 MHz (East Anglia)
  • DAB – 11D (England/Wales/N.Ireland) 12A (Scotland)
  • Freeview – 713
  • Sky – 0178
  • Virgin Media – 963
  • Online – Kiss website, TuneIn, app


London’s Energy Radio

Website: londonsenergyradio.co.uk

London’s Energy Radio was founded in 2016 and is available to listen online and on the Online Radio Box app, but it doesn’t actually broadcast all day. Tune in at specific times to listen to DJs like DJ Shaboo, DJ Reggie Smith and Larry ZK for a mix of R&B, house, trance and dance music.

As you listen, you can chat with other listeners and discuss the music and interact with the DJs. If you make your own music, there is a section on their website for artist promotion where you can upload a sample track for people to enjoy!

How to listen:



Website: mi-soul.com

This London-based radio station is founded by the same team that helped bring Kiss FM into the mainstream radio world. Launched in 2015, Mi-Soul plays a variety of music, from R&B/Soul to House, so should suit a relatively wide audience.

Over 70 DJs are involved with this station including Paul Trouble, Rhemi, Brian Power and Gordon Mac – each with their own scheduled shows throughout the week.  You can tune in on DAB if you live in London, Manchester or Brighton. If you are outside of those areas, you can listen online or by using the Mi-Soul radio app on your mobile device.

How to listen:


Retro Soul Radio

Website: retrosoulradio.co.uk

Retro Soul Radio is home to new and old soul, funk and jazz music and is based in the UK’s capital, London. Scheduled shows are sometimes pre-recorded, but there are plenty of live sessions too. DJs include Clive Phillips, David Simons, Steve Chandler and Ray Saber. You can interact with the DJs using the “Shout Box” function on the website to request your favourite tracks!

You can listen online or download the Retro Soul Radio app to enjoy listening wherever you are. RSR broadcasts 24/7, so you’ll never be short of soulful tunes to get you through your day.

How to listen:


The Rock 926

Website: therock926.com

The Rock 926 specialises in fresh new talent and independent music within the R&B, gospel, neo-soul, jazz and many more genres. The station broadcast all day, every day and you can listen on FM in London or listen online to start enjoying sessions with DJ Septi, DJ Mystique, DJ Dubz or any of the many presenters at The Rock 926.

This R&B radio station is a good choice if you want to hear up-and-coming artists and enjoy some great jazzy or soulful tracks as you go about your day.

Where to listen?


Westside Radio London

Website: thisiswestside.com

As you may be able to tell by the name, Westside Radio is based in London. This radio station plays music from hip hop, R&B, grime and dance genres and features a host of DJs such as Shayna Marie, DJ Stedy, Samuel Eni and Chris Samuels. Many of Westside Radio’s past presenters have also DJed for Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network.

Launched in September 2007, Westside Radio London can be listened to on an FM radio if you live locally in the West of London, but if not, you can listen online on their website or by downloading their app.

How to listen:



We hope this list has helped you find some new R&B stations to listen to. Since several of these stations are only available online, you might be interested in getting an internet radio, which will give you the biggest possible choice of stations including R&B stations from other countries.

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