Rap and Grime Radio Stations in the UK

Rap and grime are on the rise and if you can’t get enough of Wiley, Skepta or Stormzy, then you’ll be gassed to know that you can tune into some of these great radio stations down your ends.

There are plenty of choices, so there’s sure to be something to suit everyone!

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Website: bbc.co.uk/1xtra

Probably one of the most mainstream ways to get your rap and grime fix is BBC Radio 1Xtra – you can tune in on multiple devices and the countrywide availability is vast.

Starting out in 2002, Radio 1’s sister station 1Xtra has been going from strength to strength ever since, showcasing many up and coming artist which go on to become big business in the urban music world.

For the best of grime, tune into Sir Spyro on a Friday at 11 pm for 2 hours of the newest and best tracks.

There’s plenty of rap music on throughout the entire day (as well as tons more genres), so you can stay tuned in as you go about your day so long as you have a DAB radio nearby.

If grime is your go-to genre, then this radio station possibly isn’t the best option for everyday listening as they have relatively limited programming with grime-specific content.

How to listen

  • DAB – Nationally on 12B
  • Freeview – 701
  • Freesat – 701
  • Sky – 0137
  • Virgin Media – 907
  • Online – Website, apps


Capital XTRA

Website: capitalxtra.com

Sister station for Capital FM, Capital XTRA came to the airwaves in 1990, but not as we know it today – after a few changes, this station has settled on bringing grime, hip hop and R&B to the UK for now.

Originally just a Brixton based station, but is now available to the masses via DAB and online.

The Norte Show is the one to tune in to for grime specifically – playing a mix of hip hop, grime and R&B anthems.

There’ll be plenty of music for rap lovers throughout the day, with a vast array of shows all specialising in urban music to suit a multitude of genres.

Again, like Radio 1Xtra, this radio station isn’t the most grime led, so if you aren’t keen on listening to the bumph between your favourite tracks, you might want to tune in elsewhere.

How to listen

  • FM – Locally 96.9 and 107.1
  • DAB – 11D (England/Wales/N.Ireland) 12A (Scotland)
  • Freesat – 720
  • Sky – 0114
  • Virgin Media – 959
  • Online – Website, apps


Choice FM

Website: choiceradio.co.uk

Choice FM, aka Choice for Music UK, is a London-based radio station specialising in urban music – from D&B to R&B and grime to dancehall.

Launched in 2012, Choice FM plays a mix of scheduled music as well as DJ sets and shows throughout the week.

Tune in online to listen live or take your pick from a selection of video and audio from up and coming artists as well as some of your favourites.

Tune into DJ Supreme on Fridays at 9 am for a dose of rap and hip hop, then listen to DJ J Rich Friday at 7 pm for some of the newest and most popular grime tracks.

At 7 pm on Sundays, you’ll also catch DJ Kim Jose playing some grime, dancehall and hip hop.

This station plays a mixed bag of urban music, which does include plenty of rap and grime.

To get a better feel for the station, make sure you follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest DJ sets.

How to listen


Mode FM

Website: modefm.com

Mode FM is an online urban radio station which was developed in 2013 by a group of friends looking to provide an interactive media experience for the UK.

This community-based effort works towards helping 15-24-year-olds to gain experience in the music industry, all while focusing on London and UK-made music.

With a huge selection of Mode DJs delving into grime music, you could pretty much tune in at any of the scheduled times and hear something you love.

The station is on the air between around 1 pm to 1/3 am most days, with some more limited days dotted throughout the week.

Keep on top of the Mode FM schedule on their timetable page, so you know exactly when to tune in for your favourite artists and tracks – it’s actually filtered by genre, so it couldn’t be easier.

If you want pretty much guaranteed grime, this could be the station for you.

How to listen


Pyro Radio

Website: pyroradio.com

Founded in 2016, this relatively young radio station is based in London and plays music from the best new artists as well as some of your favourites. Catch up with previous shows on MixCloud and get to know their resident DJs.

Check their website for playbacks of previous shows and pick from your favourite DJs. Some have a monthly show, some weekly and you will also catch guests in the studio. Head to the Pyro YouTube channel for regular new videos!

There doesn’t seem to be a super strict schedule for DJ sets, but you can keep up with the latest by following Pyro on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

There is definitely not a shortage of rap and grime tracks to listen to if you tune into this station.

How to listen



Website: reprezent.org.uk

Reprezent has been broadcasting since 2011 and now lays its roots in Brixton, in 3 shipping containers!

With their main target audience being 13-25-year-olds, this youth-led radio station reaches urban music fans all across London.

They also run a media training programme to help local kids get into the music/media industry.

All of the DJs and presenters work within the music industry and bring you a plethora of tracks from “every single genre imaginable,” so you can definitely expect to here rap and grime mixed in with tons more – signed and unsigned artists.

Tune in on Friday at 9 pm for Kade’s Club Mix for a bit of grime, a bit of garage and a bit of house!

This station will definitely give you a bit of what you’re after, especially if you’re keen to hear new and emerging artists works.

There will be plenty of mixed genres too, so you might find something new to love.

How to listen

  • FM – Locally 107.3 in Brixton/London area
  • Online – Website


Rinse FM

Website: rinse.fm

Rinse FM has been bringing sounds to the airwaves since 1994 – it was a pirate radio station, in the beginning, started up by a group of friends who all wanted to share their music tastes.

The majority of music played on this station would come under the umbrella of underground music and there are a lot of young, up-and-coming artists featured in the set lists.

The Grime Show will be right up your street, with Logan Sama, Spooky and a range of special guests presenting a weekly show featuring the best in grime and street music.

You can catch up with all previous shows on YouTube and catch more sessions on Soundcloud.

Rinse FM is another radio station you will definitely want to tune into to get your latest fix of new music as well as some of your favourite grime artists.

How to listen

  • FM – Locally 106.8 London
  • Online – Website

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