Roberts Classic Blutune Radio Review

Roberts Classic Blutune Radio Review

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The Roberts Classic Blutune is inspired by the 1970’s Roberts Rambler radio, and incorporates modern features into this retro design. It offers FM, DAB and DAB+ radio as well as Bluetooth and several other useful features. Let’s see what it can do…


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Bluetooth for streaming audio wirelessly from a smartphone or other Bluetooth-compatible device
  • Dimmable display
  • Save up to 20 preset stations
  • FM RDS, which displays the station name when listening to FM (DAB radio does this automatically anyway)
  • USB port for updating the radio’s software
  • Headphone and line-out sockets

Dimensions: 23.5 cm wide x 14 cm high x 9 cm deep
Weight: 998 g
Power: Mains powered or portable with 6 x LR14 (C size) batteries (not included)


The Roberts Classic Blutune comes in an attractive wooden cabinet, though the wood feels quite cheap and plasticy. It has old-fashioned rotary tuning and volume controls, which are a pleasure to use when compared to the plastic buttons you find on many other DAB radios.


  • Good sound quality for a small radio
  • Excellent reception on FM and DAB
  • Good build quality
  • Nice retro design
  • Soft buttons and responsive controls
  • Decent sound quality, though not as good as older Roberts radios


  • No alarm clock
  • Mono sound as it only has one speaker
  • Wood casing doesn’t feel s more like plastic than real wood
  • Volume needs to be turned up high when using Bluetooth


The Roberts Classic Blutune offers a good combination of retro styling and modern digital radio features. It has good sound quality and features a strong aerial offering better reception than you’d get on most other DAB radios.

This radio is a good buy if you want a high-quality retro-style radio with Bluetooth. Unlike many other small DAB radios it doesn’t have an alarm feature, so it’s better for use in the living room or kitchen than the bedroom.

Similar radios

The most similar radio in terms of design is the Robert’s Rambler, which is based on the same 1970’s design as the Classic Blutune. It doesn’t have Bluetooth, but it does have an alarm clock, making it a better choice as a bedside radio.

One of the cheapest DAB radios with Bluetooth you can get is the 1byone Portable Digital Radio, which offers great value for money but doesn’t have the retro design or warm sound quality of the Roberts Classic Blutune radio.

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