Roberts Radio Stream 107 Review

Roberts Radio Stream 107 Review

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The Roberts Radio Stream 107 is a WiFi internet radio that also offers FM and DAB/DAB+ radio. Using WiFi, you can listen to any of the world’s 20,000+ radio stations available online. If you’re suffering from poor FM and DAB reception or want to be able to listen to international stations, the Roberts Radio Stream 107 could be a great choice.

Let’s look at this feature-packed radio in more detail.


  • FM RDS, DAB/DAB+ and WiFi internet radio
  • Compatible with Spotify Connect
  • Saves up to 15 preset radio stations (5 for internet radio, 5 for FM and 5 for DAB/DAB+)
  • Colour display
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Can stream music in MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and WAV format
  • Menu is available in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Spanish and Norwegian
  • Stereo headphone socket
  • Adjustable sleep timer (15 to 90 minutes)
  • Clock display with time and date
  • Use your phone as a remote via the UNDOK app
  • Alarm clock with 2 alarms

Dimensions: 21.3 cm wide x 11.6 cm high x 4 cm deep
Weight: 503 g

What’s in the box?

As well as the radio itself, the box also contains a mains lead and an instructions manual (also available online).


  • In addition to listening to the radio, you can also listen to podcasts and on-demand radio shows using services like BBC iPlayer.
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Great sound quality
  • Sensitive DAB reception
  • You can set 2 alarms (for example, one for weekdays and one for weekends)
  • Small, portable size


  • If you switch the radio off completely (not in standby) it loses the WiFi connection and time, which need to be reset manually
  • No Bluetooth
  • Doesn’t save many preset stations (just 5 for each radio mode)

Performance and use

The Stream 107 can be used with mains power or the in-built battery. Listening to the radio via WiFi will drain the battery quite quickly, so you should use the mains adapter whenever possible.

Setting up the radio is quick using the wizard feature, and it’s easy to using the different FM, DAB and internet radio modes. Like with most Roberts Radios, the Stream 107 should pick up a better FM and DAB signal than your average radio.

The internet radio feature is great if you live in an area with poor FM and DAB reception, for example in a valley. As long as your WiFi connection is stable, this radio should allow you to listen to thousands of stations without any interference.


An internet radio opens up a whole new world of listening possibilities. No longer do you need to limit yourself to the BBC and local commercial stations—you could discover a new favourite station from the USA, Ireland or anywhere else in the world.

Roberts Radio have a long history of producing top-quality radios. The Stream 107 is evidence that the company have kept up with the changing times and can still produce innovative, modern radios. It offers a great choice of listening modes, and can also double as an alarm clock.

The biggest drawback with the Stream 107 is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, which is almost unforgivable for an internet radio in 2016. A similar radio with Bluetooth functionality is the Roberts Radio Stream93i, though you need to buy the Bluetooth adapter separately.

Things to be aware of

You don’t need any other equipment to use the FM and DAB radio, but to use internet radio you need to have a secure broadband internet connection with a WiFi router.

Similar radios

There are a few other radios in the Roberts Radio Stream line, including the Stream104 and the Stream217, which are worth considering as they offer slightly different features.

One similar radio from a different company is the Ocean Digital WiFi Internet Radio WR60. It’s slightly cheaper than the Stream 107 but doesn’t offer DAB radio—just internet radio and FM. Ocean Digital produce a large range of affordable internet radios which we have compared here.

For more options, read our roundup of the best internet radios.

3 thoughts on “Roberts Radio Stream 107 Review”

  1. Super little internet radio which really does pick up stations from all over the world with good quality sound. However it has to be re-booted by switching the power on and off, sometimes several times. It almost never works if left on stand-by.

  2. Contrary to the review, I’ve found sound quality poor. The sound is flat, there’s very little depth or bass, even in equalizer set t rock, not to mention the flat one.
    The internet stations for most of the time start quickly, but there are moments when it takes up to 30 seconds.

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