Roberts Stream 104 Radio Review

Roberts Stream 104 Radio Review

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While it could be improved, this radio is definitely one of the best value internet radios available in the UK.

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The Roberts Stream 104 is a small and portable FM/DAB internet radio. As well as listening to regular FM and DAB radio, the Stream 104 also lets you listen to thousands of radio stations from across the world via the internet. This means you can explore a whole new world of radio. Getting an internet radio is also a good idea if you have a good internet connection but live in an area with poor radio reception.

Find out what the Roberts Stream 104 can do and how it performs in this review…


  • FM/DAB/DAB+ and Internet radio
  • Compatible with Spotify Connect
  • Saves 30 preset stations (10 on each mode)
  • Dual alarm with a choice of using a radio station or a buzzer sound
  • Equaliser with separate treble and bass
  • Use your phone as a remote with the UNDOK app
  • Headphone jack
  • Aux in socket
  • Powered by the mains or 6 x AA batteries
  • Sleep timer (adjustable from 15 to 120 minutes)

Dimensions: 21 cm wide x 13.5 cm high x 6.5 cm deep
Weight: 649 g

Performance and use

The radio connects to the internet via your WiFi network, which is easy to do. The radio keeps a stable connection provided the signal is good.

You can find and tune in to internet radio stations using either the UNDOK smartphone app or the radio’s menu. The radio’s display is clear and easy to read, but is quite small and relies on scrolling text, which makes it slow to read. The menu can be fiddly to navigate, especially when you want to save preset stations.

For a small radio the Roberts Stream 104 sounds pretty good, though unsurprisingly it doesn’t have a lot of bass.

The radio can be powered by the mains or with 4 AA batteries, which can be rechargeable batteries. It would be nice if the radio had a built-in battery charger like some of Roberts other radios (the Unologic, Duologic and Expression).

In addition to FM/DAB/DAB+ and internet radio, the Stream 104 has a few other features including a dual alarm which can be set to wake you up with either a radio station or an alarm buzzer sound. You can also plug an iPod or other MP3 player into the radio using the aux-in socket and listen to music through the radio’s speaker.


  • Good sound quality for a small radio
  • Good build quality
  • Clear and detailed instructions manual (available online here)
  • Good value for money


  • Display is small, so it can’t display long track or radio station names at once
  • Saving preset stations is fiddly
  • Lacks bass


This is one of the cheapest internet radios from a major brand on the market, and offers great overall performance. While it could do with a larger display and a more intuitive menu, the Stream 104 is still one of the best internet radios available for less than £100.

Similar radios

Some other internet radios in the Roberts Stream range include the Roberts Stream 93i and the Roberts Stream 217, which are both larger than the Stream 104 and could be good options if you want something with more bass and depth.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper than the Roberts Stream 104 you should consider getting an internet radio from Ocean Digital, a Hong Kong brand that produce a large range of affordable internet radios. One of Ocean Digital’s most popular internet radios at the moment is the Ocean Digital WR233.

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