What Frequency Is BBC Radio Cymru Broadcast On

What Frequency Is BBC Radio Cymru Broadcast On?

BBC Radio Cymru began broadcasting in 1977 as the only station transmitting wholly in the Welsh language and now has two channels. The main one broadcasts on FM and through various television providers, offering 18.5 hours of Welsh language programming daily and filling in with BBC Radio 5 Live output for the rest of the time (midnight until 05:30).

A second channel broadcasts on digital and online channels. It outputs the same programmes apart from two hours of separate breakfast programming every morning.

To receive BBC Radio Cymru, access the following:

  • AM radio: Not available.
  • FM radio: Depending on the area, broadcasting is from 92.4 to 104.9 MHz so scan for the channel in that range until a satisfactory signal is obtained.
  • DAB radio: Scroll through the channels and select by name. The signal should be available throughout Wales and into the west of Cheshire.
  • Sky: Channel 0152 for Wales and 0154 in the rest of the UK.
  • Freeview: Channel 720.
  • Freesat: Channel 715.
  • Virgin Media: Channel 936.
  • Online: Use apps such as Radioplayer or TuneIn.

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