Auna Connect 100 Internet Radio Review

Auna Connect 100 Internet Radio Review

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The Auna Connect 100 is a WiFi internet radio from German audio brand Auna. By connecting it to the internet wirelessly, you can use it to listen to the 20,000+ radio stations available online as well as regular FM and DAB radio stations.

This radio is the smallest in Auna’s Connect series, and packs a great range of cutting-edge features into a small package. Let’s see what it can do…


  • FM, DAB and Internet radio
  • Dual alarm clock with a snooze function and the option of waking up to internet radio
  • USB port for playing MP3s, WMAs and WAVs from a flash drive
  • Aux input for playing music from a smartphone or other device
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 5 cm LCD display that shows the time and station name
  • Remote control
  • Sleep function that can be adjusted in 15 minute intervals
  • Telescopic aerial
  • LAN connection

Technical specifications

Model number: KC3-Connect 100 WL
Network: 802.11  b/g/n

About Auna

Berlin-based audio tech brand Auna has been making waves in Germany since 2007, but is still almost unknown in the UK. Auna’s products have been well received by German consumers and consumer publications,and are also becoming popular in France and Italy.

How it works

After turning the Auna Connect 100 on for the first time, it will prompt you to choose the language and time zone. You can then connect it to your home’s WiFi by choosing the network and entering the password.

Once it’s connected, you can browse radio stations in your home country or in other countries. You can also browse by genre. This is straightforward and easy to do, but it might take a while to find the station you’re looking for due to the huge choice of internet radio stations. The LCD display usually shows the station’s logo and some information about the programme you’re listening to.

To listen to FM, DAB, aux in or audio from a USB drive, you just have to change the mode.

This radio is mains-powered only. Since it’s made by a German brand, you may need a European-to-UK adapter plug.

It doesn’t have a battery to keep the alarm and clock accurate in the event of a power cut, but if you turn it off completely and then turn it back on it will synchronise the time using the internet. This means that as long as the WiFi connection comes back after a power cut, the time and alarm won’t be affected.


  • Good range of features for the price
  • Good DAB reception
  • Attractive, with an high-quality wooden casing
  • Remote control has a good range of at least 6 metres
  • Can go very loud for its size


  • Can’t be controlled by an app on your phone—you have to use the remote control provided instead
  • FM signal is relatively poor
  • Can take a while to connect to the internet


The Auna Connect 100 is an impressive little radio. If you’ve never used an internet radio before you will probably have hours of fun finding new stations from across the world. It looks stylish with its wooden casing, and can go surprisingly loud for such a small device.

If you don’t plan to listen to the radio via the internet, this isn’t the radio for you. Connecting it to the internet and choosing online stations makes it slightly more complicated than a regular FM/DAB, and its WiFi capabilities are also factored into its price.

Similar radios

One of the most popular internet radios in the UK is the Roberts Radio Stream93i, which has excellent sound quality but quite a complicated menu system.

One of the cheapest internet radios you can get at the moment is the Ocean Digital WR80, which can also be used to listen to FM radio. It is very affordable, but has a small speaker that doesn’t offer the power or sound quality of the Auna Connect or the Roberts Radio Stream93i.

For more options, check out this roundup of some of the best internet radios.

2 thoughts on “Auna Connect 100 Internet Radio Review”

  1. Dont buy them , there is no longer Frontier silicon radio portal to connect internet stations, keep favorities.
    Auna wont even answer.

  2. Seems to be a throw away radio which cant be repaired. I’ll bet the company might replace it if anything goes wrong but they employ banks of operators to check your receipt carefully so that they can evade the warranty if it cant be traced or if the warranty has expired!

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