Panasonic RF-D10EB-K Radio Review

Panasonic RF-D10EB-K Portable Radio Review

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The Panasonic RF-D10EB-K is a small portable FM/DAB radio that can be plugged into the mains or used with 4 x C batteries. It’s a moderately priced radio with an attractive metallic design. Let’s take a closer look…


  • FM/DAB radio
  • 81 cm Whip antenna
  • EQ with 5 presets
  • Saves 10 preset stations
  • Auto tune mode for tuning in FM stations
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • LCD display with white backlight
  • 10 cm mono speaker
  • Headphone jack
  • RDS on FM (this shows the station name and other info where available)

Dimensions: 24.4 cm wide x 14.2 cm high x 9.2 cm deep

Performance and use

The Panasonic RF-D10EB-K is easy to set up—you simply plug it in, turn it on and it will automatically scan and find digital radio stations. This radio generally has better than average reception on DAB and FM, though this varies a great deal depending on where you use it.

On FM, the radio uses RDS to display the station name, which DAB does by default anyway. This is useful as you instantly know what station you’re listening to.

One of the best things about this radio is that it has 10 individual buttons on the top that let you instantly access your 10 saved preset radio stations. Many radios let you save more than 10 stations, but you normally have to access them by scrolling slowly through list. The Panasonic RF-D10EB-K makes it quick and easy.

This radio sounds clear, and has 5 EQ presets to choose from, so if you’re not happy with the default tone you can change it. The radio also goes quite loud for a radio of its size, though there isn’t much bass or depth to the sound.


  • Good reception when compared to similar portable DAB radios
  • Straightforward and easy to use. Fine for older people and those who haven’t used a DAB radio before.
  • Quickly finds stations when you first turn it on
  • Crisp, clear sound
  • Durable; can withstand occasional shocks
  • Good amount of volume given its size
  • Dedicated preset buttons makes it easy to access your saved stations


  • Design is uninspiring and not especially original
  • Only saves 10 presets stations—many other radios let you save more
  • Sleep function is fiddly and difficult to use
  • C batteries are not very common—another kind of battery might have been more convenient


The Panasonic RF-D10EB-K isn’t the most attractive DAB radio, but it offers dependable performance at a fair price. It holds DAB reception well compared to similar radios, and sounds crisp and clear. If you’re looking for something functional and reliable, the Panasonic RF-D10EB-K is a good buy.

Similar radios

One similar radio is the Sony XDRS60. This radio is more expensive than the Panasonic RF-D10EB-K, but has more bass and can be turned up louder. This makes it a good buy if you’re looking for something more substantial that can fill a larger room.

If you’d like something cheaper, you could consider the Roberts Radio Play10, which is one of the most popular portable DAB radios in the UK at the time of writing. It takes AA batteries, which are cheaper and more readily accessible than the C batteries used by the Panasonic RF-D10EB-K. It’s smaller and less powerful, but is a good choice if you’re looking for something cheap and compact.

For some more options, see our roundup of the best portable DAB radios.

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